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Daycare Dilemma Lock Rss

Hi All,

I have just started putting my twin into daycare one day per week. But I lose sleep the night before about how upset they will be when I drop them off. Last week we arrived at the building and TJ started crying then. When I said goodbye they were both screaming and I promtly left and cried my eyes out. Does it really get easier?? We have slowing intergrated them. Any other suggestions??

Natasha, TAS 2yo Twin Boys

How old are your twinnies?
My daughter does this also, but as soon sa I leave the room or near enough, it stops. It is hard to leave when this happens and I too have cried. When your children get used to daycare and get close to someone, it will ease.
My friend recently asked her daughter how come she cried when she dropped her off at d/care and also when she picked her up. The answer, "I just wanted you to think I cried all day Mummy." Hows that?!!!
It is so hard isn't it?? My son has been in daycare for one month now ... he only goes once a week! Yesterday was the first time that I have dropped him off (usually my partner drops him off)! It was so hard ... I cried before he did, but OMG, when i said goodbye, i could hear him screaming all the way to my car!! i rang up an hour later and he was fine!! i keep asking myself if it will ever get easier!! i hope so smile

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

My daughter (2yrs 2mths) goes 2 days a week and has been going for 11 months. It took her a couple of weeks and now she loves it. Some centres recommend 2 days as a minimum as they say 1 day isn't long enough for them to understand.

Yesterday (Saturday) morning my daughter and I went shopping early. As I was getting her dressed she was saying "school today" and I said no (she goes Thurs/Fri). We got in the car and she said "school now mummy" and I told her we were going shopping. I drove the same route as her school and when I drove past the street she yelled "school mummy". I said no, not today.

She screamed and cried.

I laughed!!!! So typical of kids.
My son has been going to daycare 2 days a week for the past 4 months and still cries when I leave him. The first time I ever left him, he screamed and I just ran to my car and bawled my eyes out!! It was the worst feeling ever, but it does get a little easier. He still cries and it is still hard for me but at least when I pick him up he is happy, so I guess he is enjoying himself a little. I can't wait for the day where he is excited and happy about going there in the morning as it will make me feel so much better those 2 days!
Good luck

Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

My sons are 21 months and 5 months. They've both been going to creche since they were 3 months old, for 2 days a week. While it's still hard to leave the yougest one, he smiles as soon as he sees his carers so i have no problems leaving him.

His big brother has never had a problem going, in fact we walk in the door and he's off to the toys straight away! I kiss him bye as he plays, and as i reach the door i say goodbye again. He turns, yells 'bye-bye Mummy', blows a kiss and it's straight back to whatever he was doing!!

Take heart, it will get easier! I bet if you hidaround a corner, or snuck back in to have a peek 10 minutes later, they wouldn't be crying anymore. The carers are usually excellent at distracting the children and involving them in activities until they are happy to be there.

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Sorry never had a Problem My Son started 2 days a week and now goes 4 as I work full time, He has never cried when leaving him (I did first time) and after only 1 week was picking up his bag and waving "bye" as he walked in... I felt bad that he wanted to leave me.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr


I've worked in Child Care for 8 years and managed one for two years. I would always tell my new parents to come in for a few days before they are due to start to get to know the caregivers and the other children. Maybe you could go in for a couple of hours throughout the week maybe for a couple of weeks with you stay with them and just watching from a distance. With them in one day a week it will take longer for them to settle in. The days that they are not in care talk about the day care centre and all the fun things they will do.

You could also take photos of the centre in side and out and put them on the fridge so they get to know the place. Any comfortors for them to bring? Reward them after the day is over.

I hope this helps,

They will love it soon.


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