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Hi everyone,
Im desperate for some advise, my DS was one last week and for the last 3 weeks he has been refusing almost anything i try to give him from a spoon, (with the exception being Fromage Frais and rice cream)

He had only two lovely little teeth but does exceptionally well with lumpy and chuncky food, but i am at my wits end as to what to preapre for him to feed himself.
so far he has tried:

Dessert & breekie
All fruits
cruskits, buiscuits

Lunch: sandwiches
Tomatoe,cucumb,grated cheese & carrot.

Main: Sausages
fish fingers
home made chicken strips
tuna patties
potatoe puffs
All steamed vege's

And thats about as far as my imagination or knowledge extends.

Anything i offer him via spoon will go in the mouth but straight back out.

He also likes to waste most of his food by tossing it over the side of the highchair.

I've tried giving him something to play with while i spoon feed him, but he's a cleaver little man.

I've looked at the recipe on this" huggies "site but it's mainly spoon fed ingredients.
and he's refusing anything of this type even if i think it may be yummy. LOL !

So if anyone's got any idea's of filling "main " meals i can prepare for him that he can feed himself it would be gratefully appreciated.

if anyone has anything that they may be able to email me that would be great also.

thanks for reading my post kelly. xx
Pretty much from 12 months you can give bubs what ever you guys eat - within reason. I wouldn't make too many concessions for him. As long as one think you offer is some-thing your bub loves and will eat, for example, a piece of bread, some carrot or piece of cheese, then job done.

When DD was being fussy we were seeing a nutritionalist for food reactions. She said I was at risk of becoming a 'short order cook'. What that meant, is I was changing DD's food and offering 2 or 3 different meals till she ate some-thing. I thought it was the right thing to do, but apparently not. What it was doing was putting DD in control and she was only eating what she wanted which was leaning towards yoghurt, rice cream - the usually yummy stuff.

Anyway, she taught me to feed what we have, but plan meals for the family to be balanced/healthy etc. And make sure one thing on DD's plate is one of her favourites. It totally worked, DD rarely knocks back a meal, and if she does - she goes without. When she does go without, she sleeps through and has no dramas so it just meant she wasn't hungry.

Its really trick to work it all out, your so guessing as you go along and hard to get advice as every-body has different opinions.

Oh, before I blab on too much - I was wondering if you had tried a fork. There are some little safety ones around for bubs, might be worth a crack. DD often uses a fork rather than her spoon, I think its easier to eat off (feels better in her mouth).

I don't think its about being yummy for your little fella as every-thing that goes in his mouth is a taste explosion. It may taste bland to you as your taste buds have had years of abuse - lol.

On, one more thought - finger food. How does he go? Maybe you can try offering a lot of the food in finger food form - maybe he just wants to do it himself.

Best of luck !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months


I don't have any recipes, but thought I would post to say that your son sounds just like my daughter. She refuses to be fed anything, must do it herself. I just give her finger food for breakfast and lunch. For tea I give her whatever we are having, a spoon to feed herself and just clean up the mess. We've put a plastic sheet under her chair and we just scoop up the mess and hose it down after tea.

It is a pain though, somedays I am not sure if she has had enough food, can't work out exactly how much has gone in and how much has gone on the floor! But I always make sure there is something she really likes included in her meal and she normally eats at least that part. Sounds to me like you have got an independent little man on your hands!

Michelle,SA,DD1 4 yo, DD2 9/8/05

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