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formula change!!!! Lock Rss

hey i was just wondering if any 1 could help me?? my son is 1 now and i want to no wat formula i should change him 2 and how many bottles a day!!!thanx

If you want to still use formula you can use any of the toddler formulas, just be careful how much sugar is in there!

Otherwise full cream cows milk is fine now.

Its also time to start cutting down on bottles prob 3 a day morning, lunch & bed but i dont know your routine so you should stick with what feels right or ask your community nurse.

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

hey there,
i found my DS3 wouldnt go onto cows milk for a while so i put him on the heinz gold toddler. the reason i picked this one is it wasnt sweetened like the s26 one, thats sweet/vanilla flavour. The heinz just tasted like normal formula. But your little man is fine to go onto full cream milk now, and he should only need 1-3bottles a day. I wouldnt give him any more than that, otherwise he will feel too full to eat other food, and then could become defficiant of other important vitamins and minerals found in food. Did you know that too much milk deprives the body of iron? Calcium stops the body allowing iron to be absorbed, so having too much milk will make him iron defficiant.
My ds3 is now 15m and has finally taken to cows milk a couple weeks ago, and has 1-2 bottles a day. One for bed and one when he wakes up in the morning. Thats just an example of what he has, ur lil man might still like his bottle in the day for a while longer....
My health nurse said the easiest way to transfer from formula to cows milk is to do it slowly eg: 200ml = 150 formula and add 50 cows after a week 200ml = 100 formula and add 100 cows then finally after a couple of days you can change to 150 cows and 50 formula. This is the stage i'm at with my 1yearold boy basically just finishing off the formula tin then bottles will be cows milk. It has been a very easy transition and much cheeper once on cows milk

Debbie, ACT, 3children

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