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Sandwiches... Lock Rss

Just a question out of curiousity..

Do all children/toddlers pull their sandwiches apart, eat the filling, and leave the bread? Or is it just mine??

LOL - Oh no, mine does it too. The funny thing is, she doesn't do it at kindy - only at home.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

if i put peanut paste or something like that hell eat it all but if i make him like a ham n salad sandwhich n no he eats the bread ham n salad he pulls it apart eats the ham n cheese runs away 5mins later comes back east the salad but never the bread
Yes!!! However, I try to put a spread - peanut butter, vegemite or sauce or something and he will then eat the bread.

Yes ... both mine do this too. Jayden eats the filling and leaves the bread all the time. Ryan will eat the bread too ONLY if it has vegemite on it but will eat to the crust and leave the crusts.

I have seen a 14mth old girl who is the tidiest and neatest eater ever and eats like a mini adult. I'd never take my boys to eat with the queen though LOL


My 18 month old DS pulls apart his sandwiches too, however once he has eaten the bread, then he eats the filling!

No complaint from me!

Mine do. My 23 month old and my 3 year old have always done it. But my 23 month old can even licks the jam off the sandwich leaving the bread clean as a whistle.

My DD is 17 months old and does the same thing, However if we are out she will eat the whole thing and not pull it apart but if we are home she will pull it apart and eat the filling, Weird how children work isnt it?

My 17mth sucks all the vegemite off his and just leaves a clump of soggy mushed up bread yuk

@};- Shell, NSW, Guy (10.11.05)-;{@

It is such a relief to read that my daughter is 'normal'. She goes through stages, when she is eating sandwiches lunch is easy, but mostly she doesn't... She licks vegemite, peanut butter and jam off, sometimes won't eat crusts, pulls out fillings, maybe will eat them, maybe she won't. Now I give her a plate with some different bits and pieces, sandwiches, or bread triangles with spreads, plus prunes, cheese, grape tomatoes, grated carrot, fruit pieces, cold meat or whatever we have, and let her pick. Generally she gets what I think is enough, LOL!
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