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Having Trouble going from Formula to Cows Milk Lock Rss

I have a 13mth old that I'm trying to get onto cows milk, he has it on his cereal, then I started to introduce it into his bottles doing the 1/2 water/milk mix until fully cows milk but he is just not interested in drinking it, he'll drink a little but then pushes the bottle away, but if I was to give him a formula bottle he drinks the lot without a problem, he much prefers the formula still, but I would like to move him to the cows as formula is just getting too expensive and really he doesn't need it at his age anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions or have experienced this? I would love to hear from you.

Hi Hayley,

Check under this forum and this post "Struggling to introduce cows milk". When I introduced cows milk I also found the milk/water mix wasn't liked, however I did a milk/formula mix and it worked a treat.

Mel, NSW, Boy 02/03 & Girl 04/05

Hi Hayley

I did what Mel did too - ie mix milk and formula, and the twins never noticed it. I switched them to 100% cows milk in less than a week.

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

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