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How to get toddler to drink milk from a cup. Lock Rss

I was wondering does anyone have any ideas about how to change milk feeds from a bottle to a cup.
My son goes to childcare once a week and they have no problems in getting him to drink from a cup (one of those from Safeways with the handles and the spout). I have brought the same cup and he drank milk from it once and now as soon as he sees it - crying and refusal occurs.
My girlfriend has lent me the Avent straw attachment as this was sucessful with her daughter. Joshua will not go near it. I have tried spouts, other cups etc etc...I dont want to have to keep buying new cups and Im fast running out of ideas. He will only take it from a bottle and gets so upset if we try anything else, we have tried to wait until he calms down to try a cup again but the cycle of crying continues...Has anyone got any ideas.
If he has an obsession with Nemo, Pooh or some cartoon, buy a plastic cup with that pic on it. My daughter even goes to bed with her Nemo cup!
Maybe a straw - just a normal throw away one. I keep a packet of those.

I also bought a Heinz non spill cup/bottle thing and simply packed the bottles up and put them away never to be seen again.
Luckily, she didn't miss them one bit. Sometimes they just have to go 'cold turkey'!!

For her water I bought a normal sports bottle.
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