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dropping a breastfeed Lock Rss

Hi i would love to get some advice from the mums with older bubs!
My daughter is nearly 12 months and is having 3 breastfeeds a day.
I would love to drop one of those breastfeeds but am not sure how to go about it, wether i should give formula or cowsmilk, cup or bottle? I have no idea what is the norm.
Should i just offer a cup of milk instead of the breast at lunch and if so how much is she expected to take?
I am just wondering how much other toddlers drink at lunch or how many bottles/breastfeeds they have per day?
Thanks, Jen

jen, mum to sahra born 28.6.04

Hi Jen,
When Lochie was 12 months old he was having four 200ml feeds a day (the greedy guts he is!) and I just cut out three so he would only have a bottle before bed. Because he is such a routine kid, he asked for his bottle when he was supposed to have it but I gave him a bit of milk in a cup instead and he was happy with that. When he was 13 months, we were painting our lounge room so one night he couldn't have his bottle in the lounge room like he usually would (due to fumes), so I tried to lay him on a bed in a spare bedroom and he played with his bottle and wouldn't drink it because he wasn't in the lounge room! So he went to bed without it. The next night the same thing happened. The third night I just didn't offer it and when he asked for it I told him he is a big boy now and doesn't need a bottle. He hasn't had one or asked for it since. I think I was pretty lucky it was that easy as getting rid of the bottle can be hard for some parents and children. Therefore, I would suggest you don't give her a bottle because you will have to get rid of it eventually and they recommend it is done between 12-18 months anyway. Try giving her cows milk in a cup instead as this will get her used to drinking it and it is much cheaper than formula!. She may take anything up to 200ml but don't worry if she doesn't have much as you are still breastfeeding and as long as she is getting her dairy through milk, cheese and yoghurt etc. it will be ok. Lochie will only drink around 200ml of milk a day but eats lots of other dairy so I don't worry too much. He has his milk in the afternoon and has water throughout the day. Sorry for the huge essay but I hope I have helped! By the way, I hope gorgeous little Sahra has a great 1st birthday next week.

My babies are all grown up sad

I am still breasfeeding my 19 month old 3 feeds a day, occasionally 4. I have not tried dropping the midday feed yet, but he is at childcare 2 days a week, and he just has cow's milk instead of a breastfeed. He normally has a breastfeed at 7:30am, 1:00 pm (before afternoon sleep), and then at 7:30 pm (before bed).

You could try offering a sipper cup, and then move onto a normal cup later on. If a sipper cup doesn't work, then just offer it in a bottle. My son didn't take very much cow's milk at child care at first. Maybe 50 or 60 ml. Now he will sometimes take about 125-150 ml. Although some days he will refuse the cow's milk, depending on teething etc. I hope this helps.

SA, 2 boys

At 12 mths my boy was still on 2 breastfeeds a day. We dropped the midday breastfeed and slowly introduced warmed cows milk. He has used a sipper cup for water for ages so we just put the milk in that. We started with just a small amount and built up to a full cup over the course of a few days. I dont think the follow on formulas are really necessary unless your worried about lack of nutrients in Sahras diet. After a few weeks of this we dropped the evening feed and then the morning breastfeed. Oscar now has a full sipper cup of milk in the morning and one in the early afternoon. I think its important also to be aware that the milk is quite filling so dont offer it on a full belly or just before you plan to give them a meal. Our MCH nurse said ( from 12mths on) provided they are getting 3 good serves of dairy a day from all sources ( cheese, yoghurt etc) not to stress too much about having regimented drinks of milk. Good luck.

Narelle, Melbourne, 4 yr old and 18mth old boys

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