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Best sipper cup in the market Lock Rss

Can you anyone tell me the best spill proof cup you buy for your 20 months old? I tried to wean my son from his bottle, but he's not very keen in drinking milk from a cup. He will take water from a sipper cup, but not milk. He likes his milk when in his bottle. I bought heinz non spill cup and found the valve make it hard to draw liquid out. most of the cups in the market has valve, is there any other brand that's not like heinz one? He can drinks from a straw cup but he likes to lie down on bed with his milk. Really confused what to buy. And I wonder cup with soft spout (almost like teats), what different does it make with bottle? Really need advice on this.
You may find you just need to buy a few and see what workds best - then later on you will use them all once bubs has figured it out.

We found the best one for us while weaning was the Nuk spillproof.


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Try the Tommee Tippee cups. They come in 3, 6, 9 and 12 month styles. The 9 and 12 month ones have straws. The 9 month has a straw and a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is non-spill but doesnt have the valve. My daughter (now 15 months) has used them since she was about 4 months old. She has recently learnt how to use the non-spill valve cups (like heinz) but still prefers her Tommee Tippee ones.

Tracy, SA, DD 15/3/04 & TTC #2

We have found the Avent sipper cup the best. The Heinz & Tommie tippie ones came apart to easily as quite often as he was carrying around the house the spill proof valve would fall into the cup and the drink would spill. You can buy a straw cup in the pigeon brand and they are not totally leak proof but pretty good you can also fit a bottle teat to them if you want and maybe start that way then change to the straw top or sipper top once he is used to the cup. Have a look in your Chemist most seem to stock them, but I really do recomend them Avent as a sipper I will never waste my money on anything else again.
We really liked the Heinz sipper cup. It has a soft spout. We now just use the cheap Dinkee cup for $1.50 in the supermarkets (not spillproof though). I started my son drinking water from the sipper cup at about 7mths so when it came to get rid of the bottle (12mths) he had no problems.
Thank's all mums for your advice. I will have a look at the Avent and tomme tippee sipper cup. I saw the dinkee from woolwoorth but I need something that screw on as my son like to bite open the lid. I have had like 5 cups at home, straw sipper, cup.
Great makeshift ones are the little juice poppers or 'Pump' water bottles that have the push in/out nozzle.

They are fantastic for picnic etc - just fill with water.

We bought the Heinz ones and found they were too hard to drink from - took the valve out, and have leaks everywhere.
(Still use them though - less of a mess than a cup that spills the whole contents).


We found the "Playtex" sipper cup the best. I think you can only get them from coles though. They have a hard plastic mouth peice with a valve, but unlike the heinz and tommee tippee ones, the valve is realatively easy to drink from. It is non - spill and works fantastically, however, after a while the valve gets worn out and it starts to leak a little bit, but still better than any other sippy cup, we have about 5 in the draw now. It also has a top that screws on, as i had the same problem as some other people who had replied, my son could get the pop off tops off the other ones. My son also now has a drink bottle that i got from Woolworths, that is probably about 500ml in size, it is contoured in shape and has a straw that is folded over by the lid when closed, and also doesn't seem to leak much. It was about $6, but im sure it will pay for itself over time!

Hi, My daughter will not drink milk from a sipper cup either, she will drink water till the cows come home but not milk, I have bought 7 differernt sipper cups ranging from $2.00 to $18.95 each and spent over $100.00 on cups. My advise is to give up on the idea of milk in a sipper cup and try giving your child milk out of a real cup without a spout or just stick with the bottle , my nephew is almost 2 and he will not drink milk from a sipper cup either. some kids just like that sucking feeling that comes from a bottle, it comforts them and if it works then at least you get a peacful child and a happy mum. eventually your child will want a big cup and the novelty of the bottle will wear off, if not then you can always do what my brother did and tell your child that Santa needs the bottle for one of his baby elfs and that he/she should leave the bottle out for Santa to take with him. Good luck with whatvever works out easier for you and your bub.

Jacks Mum.

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