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How long is it ok to breastfeed till? Lock Rss

I have a 20 month old that I am still breastfeeding. Problem is, he has never been bottle fed, even from 3 months old when I would offer him the bottle, he would not drink from it. I kept trying this till he was one and would throw the bottle without daring to try it! Now that he is older, I have offered milk from a cup, and no way would he try it, it is so foreign to him. It doesn't bother me still doing it as I feel I have no other choice. How long is it ok to breastfeed him, as some people don't understand and think it is wierd?

Vaccines: Question what you're told...

This is a subject that a lot of people feel really strongly about, but basically it comes down to a personal decision between you and your baby. I think the World Health Organisation are now suggesting that breastfeeding for the first 2 yrs is optimum, but the social acceptability seems to waver after 12 mths! Why not call the breastfeeding association in your state for advice. The ph number's in the front of the white pages. Good luck with whatever choice you make.

Narelle, Melbourne, 4 yr old and 18mth old boys

I heard that the average age women cease breastfeeding there children (this is world wide) is 4 years old. Do what feels right for you and your child and by all means don't let society raise your child for you. Congratulations on coming so far. You sound like an amazing mother.
I fed my daughter who is 3 at the end of this month until just a few weeks ago when I found out I was pregnant again. She just stopped feeding herself, to be honest I was quite pleased as I never thought she would give it up. I never really had a problem with feeding her and did not do it in public, especially as people let their opionions be known feding past a certain age. I will breastfeed again, but hopefully not for so long. Hope it all goes well for you - keep up the good work as long as you are happy to continue.

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

I still breastfeed my twins (22mths) twice a day at home.

We all still enjoy it and it doesn't interfere with their meals etc.

I too have felt the pressure from others - they think it's weird.

Fortunately I have another friend who is also feeding her little one, similar age, and neither of us plan to give up any time soon.

I had thought that by 2 I will reasses - but who knows.
World Health Organisation is on my side too.


You can breastfeed for quite a while yet without any harm coming to your child and other people can just mind their own business. I was unfortunately unable to breastfeed my darling because my inverted nipples made it too difficult and my son wasn't prepared to work that hard for his feed but I would have happily breastfed to 2 years and even beyond if it was my choice. You stop when you are ready. If you want to try a bottle then perhaps dilute some cows milk with water initially and just keep trying. Considering how long my son took to learn to drink from a cup you will need lots of patience. All children are individual and learn different things at their own pace. Never let public opinion make your decisions for you. You do what is right for you and your son.

Rhonda, Vic

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