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Ideas on teaching child to use cutlery Lock Rss

Hello All,
Looking for ideas and experiences with kids (ours is 20months) feeding themselves with a spoon or fork. Our precious little one holds the spoon or fork, dips into food, takes it up to her mouth and turns the fork over and most of the food falls off!!! It's extremely messy and we worry that she won't get enough into her! Plus she takes ages, then starts playing, using her fingers, and throwing stuff around. So we end up feeding her anyway, but then feel like this doesn't encourage her learning to do it for herself?! Or is it just normal for this age?? Help!
I have found the nest way for our DD was to keep demonstrating how to do it.

We all eat dinner together so i show her how mummy uses a fork and she picked it up fairly quickly with the fork. although sometimes she still uses her hands.

but she is still not too good with things that need a spoon so hopefully someone else has some advice there

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That is very normal, especially the turning of the spoon/fork. There is a set you can get from Big W, Target or other stores that has a curved handle, it really helps with this problem.

Do you all eat togehter? We find that particularly successful as DD watches and copies us.

It does take time, although the using fingers and throwing food is some-thing I would stamp out with strict discipline as soon as possible. There are times for fingers, but non finger food time needs to be jumped on other wise they think its fun and become lazy with cutlery/table manners etc.

The feeing her is good, but try and do it inbetween her attempts so there is no focus on you doing it. DD is 2 (and a month) and occasionally I feed her. She generally asks for help when she can't get the last bit herself.

Good luck, sounds like you are well on track, its not an easy thing for them to learn. I remember reading about how kids feel using things like utensils, pencils, chalk etc in their hands. They explained if you were to get a large piece of foam (say about the size of a rolling pin) and hold it at one end, then try and draw or write (its all wobbly and hard to control) thats what its like to use your hands as a kid. They went on to explain its because of the soft, ever growing bones and ligaments etc.

Very interesting, kind of makes sense why they struggle to have control and easily get frustrated.

Blah blah blah, look at me go. Time to get off my butt and go for a walk - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Tommee tippee make brilliant curved spoons and forks. It really makes a difference about how much more ends up in their mouths compared to the straight handled ones!


my 21mnth old is exactly the same but then i found he would rather eat with our fork instead of his own and his realised how to hold it now, we do eat dinner all at the same time and since i live with my parents there is alot of ppl to watch while dinner is getting eaten! tongue but my dad shows him and he watches us and is slowly getting there... goodluck!
When I started to teach my daughter to use cutlery we had mess everywhere and yes she did take a while to feed herself but sometimes we did take over and feed her instead and she use to turn the fork over and it went everywhere but in the end I just decided that I wasnt going to take over and just let her do it and see how we would go and when I stop taking over thats when she got connection between the fork and how to hold it and also feed herself and I think that every child and different and they will developed in their own way and as parents we found it hard to let them do things on their own.

I just keep showing my daughter how do hold the fork and knife and than one day she got it all together.

Good luck.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

I have failed. DS thinks that a fork is a catapult for his food.

I am a designer and soon to be mother and i was interested in creating a line of cutlery for toddlers.
Maybe you guys could help me!

What would you look for when choosing cutlery for your kids?
What age do you think kids should begin to use cutlery?
What materials would you recommend the cutlery be made from?

Any other design suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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