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Lactose Intolerant Lock Rss


I've just found out that my 17 month old daughter is lactose intolerant. The doctor thinks it could just be a temporary thing and that if we keep her off lactose for a month then we might be able to slowly reintroduce it to her after that.

In the meantime, I'm finding it a major pain to find lactose free products. So far I've found Lactose free milk (full fat) in UHT form and only 2 flavours of yoghurt at Coles. Can anyone suggest where I might find some more variety. I'd rather not use soy products if I can avoid it.

Thanks for any advise

Mum to (Olivia 3 Feb 2004) & (Emily 26 Jan 2006)

Cant really help you on the lactose free things but just thought i'd let you know what my nutricianist told me... My bub cant have dairy so he is on soy formula (doesnt like the soy milk). I have tried soy yoghurt and cheese but he thinks they are disgusting (they are!) so i was worried that he wasnt getting enough calcium etc. My nutricianist said that they need 3 serves a day of dairy (or soy). So my son is having 3 serves of formula a day so that is all he NEEDS. So if your daughter is having 3 drinks of milk a day she is getting all she needs from the dairy side of things...
Good luck anyway.

Suz, NSW

if she is only intolerant dont worry about going to whole thing way out in not giving any lactose because if you do that there body becamse use to no lactose and is harder to get there body use it when re interducing it..
Soy products are fine for femalse just not for males....
how did you find out she was intollerant in the first place, what reaction is she having from it?

please feel free to email me if you wish i have had alot of experience with this sort of problem with myself and my children...

[email protected]

My son cannot drink normal cows milk - I did have him on soy milk + his delact formula, but after reading the posts on this forum about soy milk not being good for boys I've cut the soy milk. Can you tell me a little about why you've chosen to go down the lactose free milk route and who put you onto this. I'm planning to make and apt with the child health nurse to discuss this, however I thought you might have some info that could help me.


Michelle, Perth working & studying mum

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