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Are Breakfast Bars OK?. Lock Rss

I was wonfering if those Breakfast type Bars for Eg Nutragrain Bars, Uncle Tobys OT bars and K time Bars are any good for a 2 year old. My Son wont eat anything else for breakfast or snacks.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

Hi Myrtle

I am not 100% sure about this but I think they have quite a high sugar content. I am not sure whether there is anything else similar on the market that would be more suitable. Sorry I probably havent been much help.

4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

I made some mini muffins for my son and have frozen lots of them. He didn't like them straight away but likes them now. He also happily eats Cruskets as a snack and occasionally some of a sandwich. Have you tried cheese on toast for breakfast? My son has taken a liking to that now as well. Lots of things take time for children this age as they like to be familiar with a food before they are happy to try it so you might want to try offering weet-bix with fruit (I just use apple puree from Goulburn valley) and milk in a small quantity over and over again and see how you go with that. I have also heard that a simple smoothie can go down well for non-cereal eaters. Banana seems to be popular but a favourite fruit might work. Adding a small amount of wheatgerm or even crumbled weet-bix can assist with the cereal intake but cereal is not essential for breakfast. Maybe your son would prefer sandwiches, pasta or rice for his cereal/fibre intake and breakfast can just be something else.

Rhonda, Vic

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