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Morning tea/Afternoon tea Daycare ideas?. Lock Rss

Hi there I really need idea for these meals at Daycare, My son wont eat fruit or yoghurt so these are out. and I dont have time to cook at all.
I have been sending him those breakfast bars and K time Muffin bars anyone got other ideas?.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

Hi Myrtle,

My son is very fussy too. I offer him Sao's with Kraft cheddar cheese spread, milk arrowroot biscuits, dried fruits such as sultanas & chopped appricots or heinz have a good range of toddler bars. I often need to send extra meals to day care as well as he won't eat what they are offering him. I hope I could be of a little help.

Michelle, Perth working & studying mum

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