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getting 2yr old to eat veges Lock Rss

i need help. can anyone out there tell me how i can get my 2yr old to eat vegies. up to the age of 14 mths she would eat all of them but ever since she won't touch them except potatoes. i have tried hoding them/masing/putting cheese on top and she just refuses to eat them. is this just a phase or not.

My 25 month old son is same, wont eat vegetables in any form not even potato just says no like when I dish them up, I have been told its a phase but I wish this phase would hurry up and end.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

Both my kids are really good eaters and like a huge variety of foods, however my eldest did go through a phase of being vegie phobic. The trick for me was disguising it in other foods, like sausage rolls made with grated carrot and celery mixed in with the mince, and pies with vegies mashed up and mixed through the meat mixture. Shepherds pie is another great way to guarantee they are getting their vegies because if need be, you can blend the vegies up and stir them through the mince before topping with the mashed potatoes and cheese. For the time being hiding them might be the way to know she is getting a her needs. Also perhaps add a toddler milk supplement to make sure she is getting all her vitamins etc. However, part of this may just be her asserting herself, and if it gets too ridiculous, if she doesnt eat what is put in front of her well she may just go will never starve themselves. Good luck!!!

Mum to 4yr old and 16mth old boys

Not sure if my reply is of any assistance but it will make me happy if its practical for you. I think that your 2 year old might be discovering what taste she likes and the kind of food she enjoys eating. My 1yr old up until now ate what she is given but now she will only eat finger foods and the food that she is eating now is more flavour and not as blend. Utimately the food they eat rest a big part on what is given to them and what groceries the parent buys and kids are fast to pick up on what foods their parents eat so it might be a good idea to show her what your eating and encourage her to eat too. My daughter would eat foods I eat after I make gestures that its "yummy", this encourged her to try and if she doesnt like this flavour or taste, I'd try a different food. You can also praise her when she has eaten a bite to encourage her to eat more. The plan I am currently discussing with my husband is to make meal times more interesting family time and let her pick the selection I'd choose for the family, this way she won't feel force into eating food and kids often mimick and copy.

Hope this helps you. If you have found an alternative way please keep me posted.

Take care


I don't know..... I have the same, but probably a more severe problem!

My son is almost 2 and used to eat anything put in front of him. Now he is so picky, he hardly eats at all!

His best meal is breakfast, he'll have weetbix, corn flakes or porridge and then 1 or 2 peices of toast with vegemite or peanut butter.

For lunch, he really enjoys cruskits with cream cheese & vegemite. He will sometimes have 1/2 a vegemite sandwich, if i put anything that can be pulled off like chicken or banana or anything like that, he will just pull off the insides and eat the bread. So lunch is usually boring, unless we eat out and he gets some chips or chicken nuggets, which is rare!

My son usually only picks at dinner. We usually just offer him what we are having for dinner, cut into smaller peices, unless we are having a curry or chilli for dinner. He used to eat all his vegetables, now he only eats peas & corn. I won't give up though, with most meals he is offered, peas, carrots, corn, broccoli, potatos, sweet potatos, beans, cauliflour and any other veges we are usually having. I read somewhere, that persistance is the key, and thats what i am doing. At dinner time he will more readily eat the meat portion of the meal, and leave everything else, if i only offer veges, he will eat the ones he likes and leaves the rest. I have tried hiding the veges in pies etc, mashing them with other veges and just about everything to get him to eat them. He is also really picky with pastas and pies and other foods, i am beyond trying to satisfy him, so now if he doesn't eat what is offered, he doesn't get anything else and goes to bed.....(probably why he eats so well at breakfast time!)

I'm sure it is just a phase and he will get over it. BUt i wish he would hurry up and get over it!

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