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Breastfeeding - weaning Lock Rss

I am still breast feeding my 21month old baby. he shows no signs of being weaned, and will not take a bottle with milk. Whilst I dont mind still feeding him (I have gallons of milk!!). Does any one have advice on how I should wean him. Which I hope to do in the next few months.


Hi there, I seem to be having the same problem!! No one can tell me how to wean my wee girl! She takes both bottle and breast, but to get her to go to sleep, she'll only settle with a breastfeed! My plunket nurse tells me it's a comfort thing and that she will wean herself off when she's good and ready!
She goes to stay with relatives ona weekend for a couple of nights with no problems at all, but the first thing she wants when she gets back is a boob!!!

Dunedin N.Z.

I too had a little girl who loved boobies and after 13mths I said enough was enough. She drinks lots of water during the day and my clinic sister encouraged me to offer her lots of dairy foods rather than giving her a bottle of milk as she felt this was a backwards step. I slowly began introducing more dairy food with each meal and started to try different strategies to get bella to sleep without boobies! After showers and PJ's I began offereing a small cup of warm milk and then we would sit and cuddle and cradle her as though she is being fed and eventually the rocking would put her to sleep. Now she asks for her "juice" - cup of 'soy milk' and then she knows it's cuddle and sleep time - it took a few weeks but now it is only a 15 minute job compared to an hour a few weeks ago! She often points to my boobs and I just tell her all the juice is gone! She thinks it is very funny. At the end of the day you just have to make a decision to stop and like everything it takes a few unsettled days and then you can move on. I just woke up one morning and thought enough is enough and felt much better for finally making the decision. As my clinic sister said 'they will show no signs of weaning if it is there to be offered'. Stop offering and then deal with what is thrown your way.
Good Luck with it all....Gradually you will get there, but remember he is old enough to understand the change it is just how he accepts it!
Let me know how it all goes..

Sarah-Jane, Tas

Thanks for the great advice.
As much as I want to start weaning (not that Josh does!!) it is also hard as he is my last baby, and that really means good bye to "baby hood"!!! Maybe I have to wean myself 1st!!!!
It will be very interesting to see how Josh handles it. I am waiting till next month when my other 2 boys are at school, so I will have tonnes more one on one time and alot more patience.
Wish me luck!!!!!!
Again thanks for reply I will let you know my progress. Hope all is well with your little girl.
have a great day



Thanks for reply. It is hard when they really dont want to give up breast feeding. Josh is my last baby so I am holding on a bit too I guess!!
I am going to start weaning next month when my older 2 boys go back to school. I am in no rush so I will take it a day at a time. Again thanks for the reply and I will let you know how it is going from time to time (do the same if you would like).
have a great day



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