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Trying to cease breastfeeding! Lock Rss

My little girl is big on the boob milk and won't take to formula, milk or water from a bottle or cup - well not much and not without a huge fight. Does anybody have any tips on weening that can reduce my little girls anguish. She's just turned 12mths.
Thats really cute... And good on you mum for keeping up the good work of breastfeeding till this age.

She is still young but at her age her immune system is strong enough without the requirement of breast milk.

My lil girl is 1yrs old and rather selective in what she wants to eat but I'm a believer that ultimately the choice of food they eat rest on what groceries the parent buys.

At their age they can are able to decide what they want to eat and if shes weening and gets her way she will learn to do this every time she wants something. So my advice for you would be to use "tough love" and remain persistent. If she knows what to expect from you and what behaviours are exceptable then she will catch on with time.

I have a funny tale to tell you although its not advisable (please don't try at home). My friends mum use this method with all of her kids to stop breastfeeding when she was pregnant. She'd put this green medical oil on her nipple and when her eldest son would come in for a feed he'd taste the minty taste (rather strong but harmless) and straight away he'd stop looking for her breast to feed. She attempt this with her second child but her son would taste the unpleasant flavour, cry a little bit and then put his mouth back in!! In the end she had to make him quitt cold turkey!!

Hope this helps you and my best wishes. Take care.


My twins were the same - we bought some new drink bottles which they loved, and they drink their water quite frequently.

Juice is a treat, and even then they get 1/2 water in it too.

My guys are now 22 months and still have 2 breastmilk feeds (morning and night).

I think I will need to be weaned more than them.

It's such a lovely time together.

Don't feel you have to stop it completely, unless you feel ready.


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