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20 month old not eating Lock Rss

My daughter refuses to eat food or drink milk ... at any time! We literally have to strap her in and play, sing, jump ... anything to get her to eat. Even then she only nibbles on what we give her. I think that if I didn't give her any food all day, she would never ask for any!
She had reflux from birth to about nine months, but don't know if that would affect anything now.
Any ideas on how to help encourage her to eat more?

Jubs_n_Tia, 24, NSW, boy 06/11/99 + girl 15/05/02

Maybe you could offer some finger foods cut into interesting shapes at meal time, but if she doesn't eat - don't fuss just ignore her, let her go off to play and leave the plate there for a little while longer. She may come back later to try some food - if she does don't make a big deal just leave her to eat at her leisure.
They say a child will not starve, they will eat when they are hungry. You don't mention how long it's been like this, so if it's only been a couple of days don't worry too much she will eat when she is hungry enough.
I've heard that when children are between growth spurts they do not eat very much. I have certainly noticed this with my 8 yo.

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

My little girl is also a small eater. I know she likes feeding herself (or playing with her food) so I usually hold one spoon which I feed her with and give her another to play around and try and eat by herself. Its quite messy at times, but usually I get down quite a bit down. I also sometimes put her in front of the TV. HI5 works well.
When I give her soup and she wont finish off her bowl, or has barely touched it, I'll put it in a cup and she'll finish quite a bit more that way.
I hope this helps. good luck.

Catrinna, VIC, 17mth baby

Hey Yonny and Catrinna
Thanks for the advice, I'll have to try the finger food shapes thing as well as giving her a spoon whilst feeding her myself.
She's pretty much been like this since she was born. Breastfeeding her was a BiG hassle as she never really seemed to want to drink, and what she did manage to get down would just be thrown up again due to the reflux. After five months of that she went onto the bottle, which she also did not like and took forever to get used to (even now, doesn't like it!)
With solids she was very picky with what she would and would not eat. eg. what she would eat one day, she wouldn't eat the next. But playing with her and distracting her seemed to work for a while. The only way we can really get her to eat anything wholesome now, is using bribery by promising to give her treats afterwards. She is more than happy to munch on biscuits and chips all day, but won't want to eat much else. We just worry that she is not eating enough nutritious food.
I'll keep you posted on how it all goes.
Thanks again.

Jubs_n_Tia, 24, NSW, boy 06/11/99 + girl 15/05/02

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