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I'm naughty too- someone smack me Lock Rss

Ok. So I posted this in the bottle feeding section, but I kinda need an answer.. So here goes-
My doc told me it's fine to try ds on some cows milk (he'll be 1 next month), So I tried him on half water, half cows milk this morning.. Well, he wasn't very impressed, and drank it through a few tears. Then promptly spewed once he was finished. He's a bit of a spewy bub anyway, so I'm not too alarmed, but now a bit wary of trying him on it again. My question is this- How long does it take for bub to get used to cows milk after formula, and is this a normal first experience?? Or should I put him back on his formula and try again in a few weeks? My doc said I shouldn't mix formula with cows milk, that it's better to just water it down, but I'm not too sure? Help please!
Yeah thats fine i had my boys on cows milk at 10mths old

starting the way you have is great and every week put more milk then water til it is all milk

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Ewwww watered down! Isn't funny how different doctors and MCHN's all tell you something different.
Well my MCHN told me it was fine to mix formula with cows milk and this is how I done it.

Over about a week or two I started of with 3/4 formula and 1/4 cows milk and then gradually reduced the formula and increased the cows milk and that worked for us.

I think cows milk can "bind" babies/toddlers up when they first start on it and I was told this was normal.
However, my baby is Lactose Intolerant so she was the opposite and had the runs.

I hope this helps and goodluck with the transition!

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Sorry just want to add that I have heard of a lot of mums watering the milk down to weaken it but it just didn't work with us smile]

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Also, is it normal for me to feel teary about this transition?? I'm worried that he's going to be missing out on nutrients and stuff.. I feel the same as when I weaned him off the breast.. like i'm losing my little baby, he's now a big boy.
Another idea is to try giving normal formula feeds, but introducing milk as a snack type drink. I never watered it down for DS - the thought of watery milk just made me gag!

If you are concerned about his reaction, maybe try cows milk on cereal etc and see if he has a reaction. That may be a way to get him used to the taste too.

I didn't use formula, so can't comment on the mixing, but having read posts on here for 18mths many many mums seem to recommend doing like a 75/25% milk of formula and cows milk then slowing increasing the cows milk & decreasing formula. Maybe get another medical opinion - is there a healthline to call in your state? Most Drs don't seem to have a clue when it comes to babies I've found.
Doesn't everything make youteary. The other day i put my daughters cot base down and that made me teary, thinking how much of a big girl she was....anywway getting back to the topic, i have put my daughter on soy milk. i am not saying do this because you should get advice first but i heard so many stories about how cow's milk wasn't good for babies anymore. too hard on tum's, even dentists have told me it's no good for their teeth, apparently this is why they make toddler formula. However my daughter had eczema so she has always been on goats milk since a few months old as to help that and she's been fine. All me and my siblings all brought up on goats milk, very close to breastmilk (imagine that!!)

Did any of this make sense?? i don't know if i've helped in anyway.

Posted by: deedee82
Also, is it normal for me to feel teary about this transition?? I'm worried that he's going to be missing out on nutrients and stuff.. I feel the same as when I weaned him off the breast.. like i'm losing my little baby, he's now a big boy.

Sorry I missed this part!

Yes I think it's normal. I get sad each time DS goes up a nappy size sad] It's exciting every time they move to a new phase in their life, but I think there is an element of mourning for the baby they were too. All you can do is cherish the memories as they make them I guess!
Oh yes, I was the same as you.. but he would be getting all the nutrients and vitamins he needs from food just like you and I but if you think he's not you could always give him a bottle of toddler milk everyday. My DD is a fussy eater always has been so I did one bottle of cows milk at night and one bottle of formula in the morning but then we found out she was L.I she is on a special formula for the time being. Doesn't the first year of their life just fly!

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Thanks everyone! I've decided that I'm going to mix it with formula for a little while, and gragually increase the ratio of cows milk.. And I'll try cows milk on his cereal. Thanks again for the hasty replies! xo
And oh yea, forgot to say thanks for making me feel normal for getting all teary! I thought I was just being a sook, but it sounds like normal mummy behaviour!
Deedee one of the kids I look after has just gone over to cow's milk 2 weeks ago. Mum & I found that she wouldn't take it at first either.
Turns out that it was because it was cold and she was used to room temp water for her formula. I just heated it a little to take the chill off and she started to take the whole bottle, now she is drinking it straight from the fridge.
Good luck.

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