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Great Recipe Books for Toddlers Lock Rss

Hi All

I have a beautiful boy Alex in full time daycare, whilst I am at work. He is 18 months old, and I want to get him off the baby food in bottles, when I have him at nights and on the weekends.
Could you please suggest some recipe books that are very simple for a dad that is not good in the kitchen but looking for healthy food for Alex.

Hi Glevy,

If you have a printer or access to one, I would suggest that the best thing is to compile any recipes that you find that you know you can make and print them out. I don't have any cookbooks because i find that there are usually only 2 or 3 recipes that I would make that are found in a cookbook. I have a folder with plastic pockets that i arrange my recipes in, whether i cut them out of a magazine or from the internet. One thing that I also do is I have a menu system set up. I have written in point form all the things I know how to cook for my family, all the things I know to cook just for my son, and another list of my son's favourites. My lists are stuck on the inside of the pantry door, and I always refer to them - even before I do my weekly supermarket shopping, I'll see what I will cook this week and buy my groceries accordingly. I am a Virgo so, ofcourse, I am really organised.
Is your boy a fussy eater? If you want, let me know what he likes to eat and I can reply with some quick and simple recipes, or you can have a look at the recipe section of the huggies forum.


Vaccines: Question what you're told...

Let him eat what you eat - just cut it into smaller pieces.

Spaghetti/Pasta - try no sauce to start with, just a little butter tossed through and add some diced veg.
Rice - plain or fried rice
Toast with melted cheese
Baked beans
Fruit diced/chopped
Cheese sticks
Yoghurt/Custard/Ice cream
Mashed potato - stir in some peas (little fingers love digging the peas out)
Sausage/Cocktail franks/Chevapis/Meatballs
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