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This is really gross! Lock Rss

Hi I have a very lovely two year old little girl and the other day she had been watching her fave tv show and having her morning tea while I did a couple of things in the next room. She comes to me to tell me she had stuck a sultana up her nose! I got it our with tweezers and a torch. Thankfully it was low enough and very visible. She had never done anything like this before. she had had a cold and runny nose which has been anoying her no end and we also have a 7 week old and maybe she was just looking for attention????? altho she gets loads still. She must have stored a sultanan somehwre as the same day daddy had her on the potty and wiped her nose and yep there was a rehydrated sultana sticking out of it!!!!
Are all two year olds this gross! Please tell me you child has done this. She hasnt had sultanas since!

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

Sorry, I had to laugh! My son hasn't stuck a sultana up his nose, but he has done silly things like that. Once when we were outside, he found a puddle and put his hands in it and started to wash his hair. When I stopped him he skitzed it because he wanted to keep doing it (as if I don't bath him). He really likes putting things in his hair like banana. Alot of times during dinner, he would get his food and just balance it on his head.
Anyway, a cousin of mine when he was younger stuck a chickpea up his nose. He was breathing funny and his parents took him doctors, but they couldn't figure it out until months and months later he still sounded funny when breathing through his nose. Again they went doctors and finally discovered there was a chickpea in there! They removed it and all was well after that. He is grown up now, and we tease him all the time about it!
I think your daughter just knows that it fits in there and temptation to put it up there is too great at that age. I think alot of time our tots know they are doing something wrong, so they do it when we are not around. My son likes to put eveything in his mouth like leaves and flower petals, and each time we would tell him off and he would be in trouble. And when I would see him pick something like that up, he will put it in his mouth really slyly when I pretend I'm not watching and then he would bolt. Very sneaky they are wink

Vaccines: Question what you're told...

Hi Bec !!
My son never put anything in his nose or mouth when he was little so i was really proud of him !!!
Until he turned 10 !!
He stuck a rubber piece ( from a rubber eraser ) up his nose in school !! We had to go to the hospital to get it out !!!
i told him that he should know better he is not a baby anymore well his exuse was that Japanese class was very boring !!!
i'm terrified when they put something up their noses !! we had a neighbours son put a bean up his nose and it went down to his lungs so he had to be hospitalized for months !!! so i'm hoping my 14 months old will not do it and now i'm a bit happy that he doesn't like sultanas !!!
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