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Allergy to banana Lock Rss

My toddler is 23mths old and it seems that he has developed an allergy to bananas! Does anyone have this prob? he loves his banana. He is also Lactose intolerant, we challenged him with cows milk but that didnt work so we are now back on No lactose milk. He can tolerate small amts of custard and yoghurt but not much.
I would be interested to hear from anyone about the banana allergy and whether their little ones have grown out of it, plus what kind of reactions they had when they ate banana.

Mum to toddler

when I was six months old aparently I was allergic to bananas only they didnt know it, and it was the only thing I would eat apparently. Mum always says I never knew what was good for me smile Apparently they would rush me to hospital with high temps and dehydration from diarrheoa. And yes I did grow out of it and love banannas and have one almost everyday with breakfast. Dont know if that helps tho.

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

Hi Sammie,
My DS is allergic to wheat & eggs, and intolerant to dairy. I have recently been wondering if he has further intolerances to the chemicals in foods as he has had persistant eczema for seemingly no reason. He has been on a low chemical diet for the last 3 weeks. Lately he has had the flu and not eating much but the other day he had a banana - his eczema which was finally clearing came back... and today again he was miserable and i had a jar of pear & banana puree so gave him that for dinner as he wasnt up to eating a proper dinner, and almost immediately his legs flared up and he started scratching away.
I know his eczema can get worse when he is sick, I am hoping it is not the banana, but it seems a big coincidence! He usually loves banana.... I also think if it is right it is very strange as he usually has a banana every day with his lunch. Anyway thats my story about bananas! What is your boys reaction when he has them? And has it just started recently?

Suz, NSW

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