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BREASTFEEDING 21mth old Lock Rss

just wondering who here is also b/feeding their toddlers?
sofie is 21mths and still has booby prob round 2 times a day.
i am trying to wean her but seems to dislike cows milk which is what i wanted to substitute with....anyway i'll keep trying.hope to hear from others too.

Hi Sofie's mum

I am too breastfeeding my nearly 19mnt old, was thinking of weaning him as trying to get pregnant but Ds was not having that yet, which is fine by me for now as would like to continue till he was at least two, he only has it once sometimes twice if fussy.
with the cows milk i would suggest just keep offering, my ds doesn't like it that much either he has his days sometimes i put a little bit of milo in it he loves that. I also give yogurts, cheese.I don't think it matters too much if they don't drink cows milk as long as they have other dairy.

I am still feeding my nearly 20 month old, she has lots of other drinks and variety in her diet, I don't know how long I will continue but am happy to go a bit longer.

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

Hi, I'm still feeding my wee girl and she is 23 months today. Am in process of weaning her, but she still has a feed first thing in the morning, and one before her bath. She has a bottle before her afternoon nap, and a bottle before I put her into bed. I've worked since she was 10 months, so I've always expressed - she didn't like the cows milk either so I initially gave her breastmilk in the bottle, and have gradually added more cows milk, so now it's about 50ml breast to 250ml cows milk. She's fine with that as long as she doesn't see me pouring the milk from the container in the fridge. She still thinks it's mummy's milk. I had to start giving her a bottle as when I breastfeed her before her nap at lunch or her sleep at night, she was falling asleep on me, and then screaming when I tried to take her off. Much more peaceful all round now. But I think I'll keep the other two feeds we have - she enjoys them so why not. Hope this helps.
Hi all,
It's lovely to hear others are still b/feeding as well, my daughter is 17mths and just has 1 before bed. Two weeks ago i took her morning one away which hasn't been to tramatic, but will keep going at night for a while longer. we have had sleep issues so i'm scared to lose this one. My opinion is if they and u are happy then keep going. Congrats to all it's something to celebrate!

[Edited on 24/08/2007]

Mummy Munce

Hi All,
I still breastfeed my little boy. He is 20 months old. He probably gets two feeds a day. He gets one for his nap after lunch and then one at night to go to bed. He will drink cows milk but I put a bit of chocolate quick in it. He likes that. I would like to stop completely when he is 2 which is in December, but I am not sure how that will go.
Great to hear that there are others still doing it. Feel better knowing more of us are sticking at it longer.
Best of Luck to everyone.

tracy, nsw, first time mum

Hi. I have 18mth old who is still b/feeding at night. I wld like to wean but he's refusing. Still tries for morning feed daily (8 weeks since we stopped). I tell him he's a big boy now and he laughs and toddles off. He won't have cows or soy milk either. I put both milk and yogurt on his wheatbix, and he has cheese, yogurt and organic custard as snacks. Not quite the 600mls recommended, but what can you do?!
congrats on doing it so long....I envy you, I am still BF my 13 month old but I am starting to tire of espec when she is pulling at my top for it. curently she is screaming for it now...usually I just give in but I desperately want her to sleep on her own without it and not demand it in the night. I feel like I am being terrible after reading how good all of you are doing and how happy you are doing it.
she drinks 1 - 2 cups formula and water and has cow milk on her weetbix...
I dont know what to do I feel like I am about to cry writing this...I know its best for her but I really want her to stop demanding it off me and learn to sleep on her own...
sorry bout this I just am so confused and really upset...

Hope you are okay, Tarz. I know exactly where you are coming from. I too had enough at 12/13 months but I just couldn't seem to let go. My little boy who is 20 nearly 21 months only has it to go to sleep, occassionally he may fall asleep himself whilst sitting on my lap and having a cuddle (has to be really tired though) or if I am holding him and I am rocking (which happened today). I still have the occassional feeds at night which I think is more comfort because he doesn't have a dummy, never has. He knows that he really only gets it around lunch time and then bed time. I don't know what to do about her pulling at your top. I found keeping him busy seemed to distract him from the breast or offering food and going out in the mornings and being home around lunchtime for his nap also worked. Doesn't seem to want it anymore when we are out, too much else going on.
Will she take the bottle at night? Not sure if you could try that instead, a formula bottle may fill her up, not sure. I couldn't get him to take a bottle either.
It does get easier as they get that little bit older. The hard part for me will be stopping it all together, if that ever happens.
Not sure if I have helped at all. Good Luck and keep your chin up.

tracy, nsw, first time mum

thanks been rough couple of days, the distractin works for a while, like your son em never had a dummy, never liked one even though she has them she more plays with them or chews them.
I figured cutting cold turkey was bit rough and i read that should cut one feed at a time so the only one she getting is middle of night if she gets up. first weaning night got up at 3am last night was 1:30am...
she has been goin to sleep without it fine so i am pleased with that but during the day...ahhhh
i put on a "normal" bra today so maybe that might be a key, no milk smell and if I cant get it out...
those adds that are goin on tv and radio (in SA they are anyway) about bf and every extra month is a bonus is just making me feel like the worst mother in the world and they always seem to be on the radio or tv when I am having her fight me for it!
i have been offering her a bottle of either formula or cow milk instead of boob which is either getting taken or thrown back at me (and I do mean thrown, she has a fiery temper) so hope that keeps going...
thanks it did help cos while I wasnt hearing from anyone I was starting to feel like maybe this was a mistake and I really am a horrible mother...


Smile! that's better, you'd never be a horrible mum if you worry about doing the best for your bub (which you are doing). Can't give you much advice except say hang in there. my bub at 13mths had 4 during day and then whatever during night, which was just exhuasting. Went to sleep school and choose to not feed at all during night which was a hell week i'll tell you but worked and also fixed sleep prob's. i also started cows milk with a small medicine cup which she took to really well i think more for interest value than anything. but be strong and keep to want you want her to do, it'll take time for em to adjust but she will. Keep smiling.

Mummy Munce

Thank you, it really does make a difference having someone tell you that you are not the worst person in the world. So far we have been doing pretty good, I have been pretty strong with not giving in to her in the day. I thought I may cave and just do it to get her to calm down but I am proud of myself for sticking with it.
I just hope she starts sleepin through and then doesnt need it at all...
She will learn eventually but by gosh this has been a tough first it even put me off BF another child if this is what I face weaning but all children are different and who knows what will happen next time!
Thanks again

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