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Breakfast for 1 year old Rss


My little boy is generally a fussy eater and now we may as well skip his breakfast considering how little he eats. We have alternated between porridge with honey, baby cereal and fruit, and weetbix with fruit.

I was wondering what other mums feed their bubs for breakfast??

Thanks in advance!
Mia is 15mths and she gets toast for breakfast. Shes not one to sit and eat so she just runs round with a piece in her hand. Then she fills up on a cup of warm milk.


My 1 year old is a good eater but much prefers to feed herself. If his fussiness is more to do with the spoon than the actual type of food, and if he is able to feed himself maybe try these things -
Sliced banana
Weetbix (whole piece) dipped in milk/egg yolk
Toast & vegemite
Fruit dipped in yoghurt
Scrambled egg

These are some of the things that work for us. Also making sure breakfast is the first meal of the day (before the bottle) so they are hungry for it.

Good luck smile
Ham & Cheese Muffin (I premake mine and freeze them)
Yoghurt & Fruit
Sketti on toast (very messy)

Ryan will eat anything - Muffins, crumpets, toast, cereal, banana pancakes is his fav. I usually give him some sultana's or dried apple to start while I am making the other things.

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The question that first comes to my mind is what do you eat?
Or do you do the multi tasking thing that Mums ultimately have to do such as making lunch, get yourself or hubby off to work, ironing a shirt and loading the dishwasher whilst skulling a cup of coffee?

I am determine that with my second I won't make the same mistakes that I did with my first. The above scenario was fairly familiar in our house and we also struggled with mealtimes and still do with dinner.

What I realised too late for Natasha was that they copy us down to a tee.

Breakfast is now better but not the ultimate with my daughter as it is with my 10 month old son. Maks will have a 260ml bottle first (has to be first or it doesn't happen) followed by 1 weet bix with milk and mashed fruit or sultanas plus 2 slices of toast. Then sliced fruit if he is still peckish.

What he sees you eat will generally interest him. Your morning routine may be completely different to what mine was but maybe just look at your morning as if through his eyes and in that you might find the answer.

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Well each day is different, and i guess it depends on what time dd wakes up, she is 17 months.
Some days i give her

1 to 2 weetbix with warm milk, then vegemite toast

A yoghurt, then a banana then a toast with vegemite (no crusts!)

A banana, then some toast, then a muesli bar.

some days she will have a bottle first up, maybe a small one, then somedays i give it to her in a sipper cup during her brekkie, but she hardly drinks milk out of that.

each child is different, and i try and think of what i would like first thign in the morning, and i usually want a drink first up!

But keep in mind that some days, they will probably just not feel very hungry, so just offer simple fruit things.

Other things would be omelettes, poached egg with toast soldiers etc

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My little boy is 1 also, I am a working mum, but on the 3 days a week he isn't in day care he loves the Creamy oats and fig with sultanas and Rhubarb and Polenta Duo, as well as the porridge with apple and cinamon - I am pretty sure these are all Heinz brand - the last one is in the organic range.

They sound like pretty fancy ingredients, but he loves them. the first two come in the smaller jars, so that will be a good trial size for your boy to try.

At day care they give him rasion toast and fruit, as well as yoghurt.

Good luck

My 18 mth old loves breakfast thank goodness, as other meals have been horrid until recently! He has toast with smooth peanut butter while I make his cereal. Then has a weetbix with milk, stewed apple or peaches, yogurt and a strawberry (his favourite). It gives him all he needs in one bowl and gets a few servings of dairy into him(he refuses to drink milk). Good luck - feeding has, for me, been the most difficult thing about being a new mum. Have had to learn that they will eat when THEY are hungry and not before! Jan
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