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"600 mls of milk/dairy a day" - for how long? Rss

We are in the process of changing to cows milk (about 1/4 tin of formula left) for our 12 month old daughter and as she is quite good with a sippy cup I'll be getting rid of the bottles soon too.
Anyway she is on the recommended 3 x 200mL bottles of milk per day plus she eats yoghurt, cheese and custard.
My ECHN said try and have bottles gone by 18 months or sooner (or 2 x cups per day and 1 x bottle at night) but how long will she keep needing the 600mL amount? 2 years, 3 years?
I am aware of course that she will always need milk/dairy foods but I just mean how long to keep up that quantity of milk.

My DD is 21 months old and I have tried to change her from formula to cows milk, but unfortunately she has chosen not to like cows milk (got to love fussy toddlers).

Anyway she eats yoghurt, cheese, custards, vegies and fruit really well and I asked my CHN what I should do about her milk intake. (She was having 240mls of formula in the bottle at breakfast and then again at dinner).

She said to me to take away the morning bottle, but to keep the night bottle until she is 2. Apparently from 2 years of age you can start giving them light, low fat diary etc - as their calcium needs drop after the age of 2.

So each morning I offer her cows milk, and each morning she takes a sip and says yukky and hands it back...

So she now has her yoghurt, cheese and custard and then her 240ml night bottle of formula. At age 2 I will cut out the night bottle and then if she still doesn't want the cows milk, apparently the yoghurt, cheese, custard, fruit and veg etc will hold enough calcium for her to be getting her daily requirements.

I hope this has helped.

Two little girls

My children are 5 and 2. They still get their milk in the morning, a cheese or yoghurt/custard in the middle of the day, then milk in the evening.

I think it's good to bear in mind they need 2 - 3 serves of calcium a day, (a serve is 200ml milk, 200g yoghurt/custard, a matchbox size piece of cheese) I don't know when this starts but it certainly applies at 5, even adults are encouraged to have 3 serves of calcium a day. If they don't like their milk, then offer cheese/yoghurt etc. at least they can get their calcium that way.

Also if they don't like cows milk after 12 months, slowly introduce it to them, say a little cows milk mixed with a little of their formula (I never tried this as I breastfed both of my children) so sorry if it doesn't work it's just a thought.
Thanks. She has changed to cows milk with no problem. My question was more aimed at actually how long I should be giving 600mL's of milk/dairy before she is going to drop a bottle (has 3 x 200mL now)

Hi i'm not actually sure how long for my boy is 13 mnths old and he sometimes has more than 3 bottles only cos he still wakes during the night with teething and he will not go bak to sleep so i give him a bottle and he goes off to sleep that way, my friends baby is 15mnths old and she is offf the bottle now she just has her water in her sipper cup and has enough cheese and custard and other foods to keep her going, she does'nt have any milk at all anymore only on her weetbix.
My daughter stopped drinking milk from about 14 months old. She has about 400-500mg of calcium a day made up of cheese, milk on her cereal, custard, yogurt, etc. I was very worried about her, but the paediatrician said she is healthy and happy so not to worry!

Melissa, NSW. Annika 17/2/06 & Thomas 16/3/08.

The question about how much calcium???? I don't know. No-one has very been able to answer that question for me either. I was so worried when she stopped drinking her milk and I asked so many people, but the answers varied. I guess you will know your child. If she/he is having a balanced diet, I am sure they will be fine.

Melissa, NSW. Annika 17/2/06 & Thomas 16/3/08.

I have a 13 month old baby boy and the way i make sense of it is toddlers/kids need 3 servings of dairy a day this could be a bottle/cup of milk (200ml)a tub of yoghurt and a small peice of cheese ect any more dairy and your taking up space in their little tummies for things such as fruit and vegies hope this helps someone cause it took me a while to figure it out myself. cya.
Hi my boy is 16 mnths old now and i'm trying to wean him off the bottle hes doing really well so far its only been 2 days, i just give him some milk in a sipper cup in the after noon and then when he goes to bed i give him water in his bottle just because hes been used to having a bottle at bed time.
Hi they need 600ml of dairy till 5 years of age. UP the yoghurt and cheese etc and give smaller amounts to drink,
My DS has cup of milk with breakfast, milk on cereal, yoghurt and cheese during day and cup of milk with dinner. Its not just about the milk as long as they are getting the total amount so she doesnt need 600ml of milk if she is getting other sources
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