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quick lunch ideas Lock Rss

hi everyone,
id love some new and easy lunch ideas for my 18 month old. he loves sandwiches and fruit. any other ideas much appreciated.
bye lucasmum

angela,vic,3years old toddler

Don't know if this will help, but I usually make things for dinner that he can eat for lunch the next day and it works well for us, especially because he has a little bit of lunch before his nap, then a bit afterwards. For example, last night I made mash potato as a side dish and roast chicken for dinner, I put some aside for lunch for today and just added some finely chopped pieces of the chicken in the mash and he loved it.

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Id be keen on some quick lunch on the run ideas too.

I also like to offer dinner from last night but when out it can be a bit messy unlike with a sanga i can leave dd to feed herself. (Although i really love left overs the next day lol)

*I take those cheese sticks out
*Steamed vege pieces (Or microwave for 3mins for a big bowl)
*Fruit and cheese pieces
* mince or vege patties pre cooked from freezer

there r a couple i use. Cant beat vegemite sangas in our household though lol

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Hi, afew quick lunch ideas Jaida loves are:

Chicken pasta (cook some pasta & mix in a small tin of Heinz chicken & veg)

Fruit Kebabs (paddle pops sticks with strawberries, pineapple, grapes, banana etc etc) & yoghurt to dip in

Sandwich rolls (cut off crusts & roll out bread, put a stick of cheese in the middle with grated carrot, ham whatever & roll up)

Mini Hotdogs (can either put them in those little dinner rolls or wrap the franks in a square of puff & bake for 10 mins)

Tuna & corn pinwheels (mix 1 small tin tuna, 1 small tin corn, some cheese, onion if she likes it, I add sweet chilli sauce ... whatever u like really, spread in all onto a sheet of puff, roll it up & cut it into 1cm slices, put on baking tray & bake til brown … can also do it with ham & cheese)

Fish fingers & tartar sauce

Birds eye Vegi nuggets

Baked bean spud (microwave a potato for 8-10mins, cut open & put b/beans on top with grated cheese)

Vegi fritters (grated carrot, zucchini, potato, add an egg, some flour, & fry little fritters until brown)


Meat ball toasties (tin of heniz macaroni meatballs, heat up, put on toast, top with cheese & grill til brown).

Hope these give you some new ideas to try! Very quick & tasty.

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

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