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Should bub be on cows milk? Lock Rss

Hi i was looking for some advice about when to switch from formular to cows milk?, i am getting mixed feelings from others some say he shouldn't be on formular anymore, some say he is fine to still be on it!!
He is almost 14months, and has always been a solid little guy. i have tried giving him cows milk a couple of times and he doesnt want a bar of it. he just wants his formular.

How old were your bubs when they switched to cows milk? and how long untill they actually got used to liking the taste?

kelly, NSW

hi there,
My daughter is 3 1/2 yrs old and i put her onto cows milk doing 50/50.
Half milk half water till she gradually got down to just milk but she was 12 mths old when she started on cows milk but unlike my son he is 18 mths old and i have tried the cows milk and he doesn't like it either so i have tried putting half milk half formula a little bit of water and he seems not to bad on it well i hope this helps.

Rachael- mum to Chloe 3 1/2 & Liam 18mths
Hi K311,

Theres always going to be ppl that want to offer u advise based on their experience or what they have done while raising their kids. Its really up to u what u think is the best for your situation (no offence to anyone) just listen to ur intincts!

My daughter is 12months now and my sis told me that she ready for cows milk and its true that she is because at this age their immune system is strong enough to drink it and they'd be getting enough nutrients from eating solids. She has both, formula in the morning and at night (keeps her full longer) and during the day she has cows milk before or with her meals.

Its all a matter of choice and of course when ur boy is ready, try to pursuad him but its ok if he stays on the formula up to 2yrs of age i think is the most. keep in mind though that some formulas like Karicare toddler the max amount recommended bubs can consume is 400mls of formual per day and feed ur boy accordingly.
Formula is fine for your baby and my baby will be on it until he is 2 if he continues to take it. It has more nutrients than cows milk so it is only the expense that causes an issue. If you want to switch to cows milk then try just a bit at a time and quite a few tries as new tastes often take a while to be appreciated. Formula is certainly not going to hurt your baby nutritionally so feel free to stick with that and try the transition to cows milk a bit later it that suits you better.

Rhonda, Vic

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