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Strawberry allergy Lock Rss


Does anyone else have this????? I had no idea strawberrys would be an issue for my son until the other day and we were at a friends house and her daughter was eating one..... he was very itchy immediately and within 1/2 an hour his whole back was covered in a nasty look red rash. I didnt see him have any or touch it or anything... It is scarey that he could have a reaction without touching it!

Suz, NSW

My friend came round today and I was talking about it and she remembers DS touching her DD's hand....

Suz, NSW

kids aren't sposed to have strawbs till 12 mths which is just to be safe so maybe your bubs has a pretty bad one. I think you can get him tested to see how severe it is

Good luck


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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