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Be in a book! Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I’m currently (slowly) in the process of compiling a book about breast feeding from the ‘expert’s’ (i.e. mother’s) point of view. I want to include real mum’s experiences of feeding their babies, quotes about feeding, cultural and traditional insight, etc, so that pregnant women and new mothers can read stories of people in the same boat of them. I want to look at what women want in regards to breastfeeding and bottle feeding their babies and whether our current health system helps women achieve these goals or not.

I would greatly appreciate if you could write up an account of your own experiences – whether you breast fed or bottle fed. Please make these stories as personal as possible. Feel free to include emotion and humour, and please write as if you were having a chat with a friend. Remember that anything you write may be included in my book, which will hopefully one day be commercially available. Therefore, if you would prefer to remain anonymous say so and I will respect that by giving you a pseudonym.

Also could you please pass this email onto any other mums you know and ask them to send their accounts to [email protected] Some of you don’t have children or are not mums – please pass on to those who are – I’m also hoping to hear what dads think about feeding, so get them to send write-ups too.

You can include info about:
1) Whether you wanted to breastfeed or bottle feed before you had your baby and your reasons for this desire.
2) Your initial experiences of feeding when in hospital. We’re the midwives helpful?
3) How feeding went when you returned home?
4) How long you fed for. Why? How did you feel about this decision?
5) What affect do you think your feeding choices had on the relationship between you and your child?
6) Whether you continued to breast feed after going back to work? How you managed this?
7) Tips for other mothers on feeding and parenting in general.

Please use the above points only as guides, I want to hear about YOU and that means your responses should come from the heart. I’m especially interested to her from mothers of twins or more, those who had c-sections, those with premature babies, those whose babies have/had allergies, those who have breastfed while pregnant with another baby and those who breastfed second time around. Also please send your stories of breastfeeding problems such as blocked ducts and mastitis.

Feel free to be as creative as you want. Some ideas for formats for information: letter to your child, drawings, poems, whatever!!!!
Thanks heaps for your help in my research. I promise to inform all of you should I manage to get a publisher for my book, but please remember I am only in the initial stages of writing and such news (if it ever comes) will be some time away.

Rachael Blair

Rach, WA, Hamish 11mths

Hi Rachael,
I have a 17mth old daughter and I would love to tell you about my breast feeding experience (if you can call it that!)
When I found out I was pregnant I decided to breast feed, (as we all probably do). I did it for the first 11 days of my daughters life and being a first time mum and not knowing what it felt like to have your milk come in I thought I was doing everything right!!! After the first 11 days and my daughter dropping weight like you wouldnt believe and she had only been 6pound born, I decided to go the bottle.
3 and a half weeks later my milk decided it was going to come in!!!!!! But only in 1 breast!! I felt like a bit of a failure, but I had great support from family and friends and stuck with the bottle and never looked back. Jane
Hi Rachel,
i was in both minds to breast fees, i wasn't too worried if i couldn't! When my baby bot was born, i attempted to breast feed, i had a caesar so the first two days while i was in bed, they expressed my chelostrum and dropped it into his mouth!
When my milk came through, he would attach for a few monitesand then not go back on, he dropped below his 10 % of losing weight to his birth weight and so they asked me if they could give him some formula, of course i just wanted him to have what he needed, so i said yes of course!
He still did not attach to me, so i expressed my milk and gave it to him in a bottle and then we would top him up with formula!
Overnight he put weight back on and the midwives asked me if i wanted to try to attach him. I had him in a private hospital, so i could have stayed as long as i wanted if i wanted to get him attached, but i wanted to go home as i had been in hospital for a week, so i went home with expressing and topping him up on formula!
As it turned out it was the best thing i ever did, i then got an infection(from going through part of my labour,which Mitchell bought back through germs from the birth canal) and after that i had a staf infection and was sick and sore and on antibiotics for 10 weeks after i had him to clear it all up. My husband was able to do the feeds for me, in fact he did the majority of the caring for our baby til he went back to work a month after our son was born. I was in so much pain i wasn't able to burp him or move him if i held him.
Mitchell also had reflux and so was put on anti-reflux formula at the age of 6 weeks, and so i stopped expressing for him to have the AR formula, otherwise if i gave him my milk still he would have been put on medication and monitored in hospital. Formula was of course the best thing to do!
I don't regret bottle feeding, in fact i don't know whether i will even try to breast feed when we have another baby.
I bonded with my baby just as much, maybe even more than mothers who breastfeed! Until recently i couldn't leave the room without him crying for me! So he obviously has bonded with me!
It is an individual choice and if someone doesn't feel comfortable, then they shouldn't feel pressured to do so!
Both ways have their good and bad points, but the way i look at it is, Mitchell still had my milk for six weeks and he is fine except for an eating prob he has now, but that has nothing to do with breastfeeding or bottlefeeding!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

Me again,
i didn't go back to work, i am a stay at home mum! Love it!
Yes, i would like to stay anonymous if possible!
Mitchell is now 12 months old and still has a bottle with daddy when daddy is home from work and bonds with his dad while doing this!
Daddy enjoys giving him a bottle and gets to spend time with him while doing it!
Hope this has all helped!
Good luck with the book!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

Hi Rachel,
I decided that I will try to breastfeed and if all goes well i will continue however long both bub and I where comfortable. I breast fed my baby girl for three months, her first bottle being on three months old and weaned her off after 1 week. I had very good mid wives who helped me and I knew how good it was for my baby girl so I persisted as long as I could in the first weeks. I did get mastitis but continued to breastfeed as my gp advised. My daughter has been a healthy baby/toddler and I still think it has alot to do will her initial breastfeeding.
I stopped at 3 months as I was starting to feel withdrawn from visitors as I would only breastfeed in private if other than my husband and mother/sisters where around. And I was also advised that it is easier to wean off at that age than 6 months. I found the bond wonderful, however I did need the break for some one other than me to feed my baby every three hours.
I would feed for 30-40 minutes at a time.

Dimi, NSW, baby girl

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