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Need Help With A Fussy Eater! Lock Rss


I need some help with ideas on getting my son to eat healthy! I try to hard to get him to eat healthy foods and snacks but he won't, therefore he doesn't eat much! I have been buying the powder you get from the chemist to put in his milk drinks to keep up his vitamins but it's getting too expensive...I feel like I'm a my wits end! I always make a point to eat healthy in front of him but it doesn't work! He won't eat fruit no matter what the only thing close to fruit that he eats is the Uncle Toby's Fruit Twists, Fruit Bars and Museli Bars! I really want him to start eating properly and I deparately need some tips, advice, anything really! He is now 3.5years and have been trying to get him to eat fruit since he started solids at 3.5 months!


Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr


I have a fairly fussy eater, but have managed to avoid letting him eat pre-packaged foods by simply not buying them. However, as your son is 3.5yrs, it could be he is testing who is in charge. Developmentally, from around this age, children test boundaries as much as possible, simply to establish the rules. Only have fresh, healthy food in the house, and don't make a big deal if he eats or doesn't. It should simply be about refuelling and satisfying hunger at this age, not a song and dance routine. If he refuses food, he is old enough to understand the consequences - he will be hungry.

You can try the usual tricks of grating veges into bolognese sauce, making pizzas, making fruit smoothies.

Another thing is he is old enough to help - kids love eating things they have helped to make. If you make fruit scones or muffins, let him stir the mixture, for example.

My 2 year old will only eat his weet-bix if he has prepared them! It is his job to put the cereal in the bowl and helps to pur the milk. He gets to choose the bowl and get the spoon, too. Giving a bit of control and interest makes a big difference to little people. Make fruit/vege plates into faces, or let him make a picture with it first, then eat his creation. I hope this helps.

And if you need recipes, try the Women's Weekly good food for babies and toddlers cookbook, which is a great place to start.

Amy, ACT

Thanks for the reply! I have stopped buying things that aren't healthy for him so to get hin to only eat healthy but nothing still! I have also tried the preparing his food himself but that hasn't worked either...he takes one bite and that's it, he says yuk and leaves it! I am very strict on the boundaries too and know this isn't his testing me...I know when that is, that's for sure! His father can be quite fussy especially when it comes to fruit, I was thinking he may have picked up on that!
Thanks for your suggestions and I will look at the WW cookbook!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi! My little boy, now 2 is a fussy eater aswell. I let him help me make things, (it gets a bit messy!), then he is really proud of what he has made and more inclined to try it. The other thing I do is make faces out of his food, potatoes are the eyes, sauasage is the mouth etc. I disguise a lot of his foods by finding a dish that he likes (which happens to be spaghetti bolgnaise), and grating vegtables in it and then let him put grated cheese on it. I also have started to feed him, then halfway through he takes over. I also promise to read him his favourite book or something like that if he eats some of it. We make a really big deal if he eats his food and then he is quite happy with hmself and tells people! Also I find eating with him and eating exactly what he eats sends a message that it must be ok. Dinner time in our house is defintely not realxing or enjoyable...yet!

Fiona, VIC, 5yr, 3yr old and new baby

Hi, I have a very fussy eater baby since he started solids and he is going to be one year old soon. Could you please let me know what is the powder name you used from the chemist? As my son not gaining any more weight since he was 7 month now...please help.
It is very serious that your son has not gained weight in the time you mention. You should take him to your GP. There are powders specifically for toddlers, available at chemists as well as supermarkets, in the baby formula section. Make sure your son has a thorough health check with your doctor before trying him with them, as there may be something serious to be checked by a professional. All the best.

Amy, ACT

Yes I agree....take him to see your doctor! The powder...sorry can't remember the name of can find it in the baby formula section in your local chemist. I found this really great and helped my son gain some weight and restart my son's appetite! Even though he has days where he doesn't eat much, he know has days where he will eat like a horse...but still no fruit....can't have it all go right I guess, at least he's eating though!
Please let us know how your little boy is going!
Take Care

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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