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when to cut down on formula feeds Lock Rss

I have a nearly one year old daughter (13-2-03) who currently has 4 200ml bottles of formula per day as well as three meals and snacks and about 200ml of water. For the last month she has started to leave about 60ml every feed. I thought that she probably needs to be cut back to three bottles a day but my clinic nurse told me not to cut her back as she wants her to gain a bit more weight first. She is currently 9.3kg and is very happy and content and extremley active. I am not sure what to do as i am just wasting formula every feed. Also i am not sure when to start cows milk or if i should use and toddler formula after she turns one. When do you start to cut bottles down and how should you progress with it????

qld 2yo daughter

Sounds like she's at a good weight to me! If you think it is right cut back to 3 bottles a day and just see how she goes! I started my son on cows milk around the 12 month mark and he seemed to like it and had no troubles getting him off the formula! With the cows milk you could try her on maybe 1 bottle per day and just see how she goes, then just gradually increase it!
Best wishes

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

When I cut my daughters bottles down to 3 per day I just altered the times that I gave them to her and now I am trying to cut down to 2 but not having much luck as she accociates bottles with going to bed. At the moment she gets up and has breakfast (ceral) then at around 9 she has a 180ml bottle and goes to bed then has lunch and another 180ml bottle around 2-3 and goes back to bed then has another 240ml bottle before bed for the night, around 8pm. She also has 3 meals and snacks, and heaps of water.
Your daughter weighs more then Aimee so I wouldnt be too worried and do what feels right for you as you know your daughter best and if she doesnt cope with dropping a bottle then try again in a few weeks or put less formula in each bottle.

Good luck

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

My daughter started on cows milk at 11 1/2 months and she had no problems. At the time she weighed 9.5kg and was having 3 x 250ml bottles. I started her at half formula/half cow's milk for a week and then went full cow's milk. Madison is now 1 year and 2 weeks and weighs just under 10kg. She is still having 3 x 220ml (breakfast, lunch and before bed) bottles most days and sometimes only 2 (skipping lunch). She also drinks 250ml of ribena and 400ml of water throughout the day so she is getting ample fluids. As well as 3 meals and the odd snack.

Just give it a go - if you go with your own instincts you should be fine.
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