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Leaking nappies Lock Rss

Hi my 10 month old daughter ends up sleeping on her knees and chest and as a result when she wets it bypasses the nappy and comes out around her stomach and wets her jarmies and the bed linen. does this happen to anyone else do you have any suggestions.
hi i have a 2 year old daughter and the same thing happens to me.I have come up with the idea of putting a sanitry pad accross the top of her nappy at night time.There are no more leaks and she is not wte when she wakes.It works like a dream and she sleeps all night not as she is not getting her clothes wet.
Hi Donnab, i've found that (VIP)brand nappy's work great in the day with my 14 mth old daughter but at night i only use huggies. nothing eles works as well.
Try a plastic sheet with a towel over the top for her in bed, or i've even heard a garbage bag under a towel works just as well, plus you can throw it out!


My sons nappies leaked up until he was about 8 months. Not all the time, just during the night. I was forever changing sheets, and getting to the stage of using pillow cases when I would run out of sheets during the middle of the night. I was told it was because his tummy fills up after a feed, then I would change his nappy before he went to bed then during the night his tummy would shrink again so therefore the nappy would leak.
Hi All,
Hopefully, none of us will ever have to suffer from leaking nappies again. I have recently received the advertising for the new Huggies nappy and it addresses this issue of leakage, perfectly. They now have a stretchy waist band that expands and shrinks to fit baby just as baby expands and shrinks, and if my children are any guide they can bloat up a huge amount after a particularly large feed of baked beans etc.
Happy Parenting!!!

tired and feeling old

huggies nappies, blue for boys pink for girls. All other brands didn't work for us.

flossie wa 2 yr son

I also go for huggies nappies at night. If they are not working, though, you could consider using the boys huggies at night as they are more absorbent in the front (obviously where boys wet where as girls are most absorbent down the bottom). Try girls huggies first as they should be Ok but try boys if neccesary. My daughter is also a tummy sleeper (with bottom stuck up in the air) and the girls huggies have been fine.

Good Luck,


Lucy's Mum

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