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long car trip with two kids Lock Rss

Hi, I am hoping someone can offer me some suggestions for keeping my 2 1/2 year old son and nearly 1 year old daughter occupied while in the car. In a few months we are heading from North Queensland to Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and lots of places in between - all in the space of 5 weeks. We did a trial run to Hervey Bay at new year and have learnt what our daily time limit in the car was about 5-6 hours. Our daughter(despite teething at the time) was an angel and slept most of the time. Our son was another story! All he wanted was a cuddle from the one who was driving or the toys that were out of reach and threw his pencils and crayons everywhere. We will be having lots of 3-4 night stops with family and friends but will still spend lots of time in the car. Please help me!

dyani's mum

sharon, qld, 2 1/2 & 8mth old

Hi, We have done a couple trips to NQ from Brisbane and also from Brissy to Melbourne etc however my kids are a little younger but I have some suggestions.

We took a megasketcher and every morning left a picture in the car in case my 17 mth old didn't want to get in - she looked forward to it.

Wiggles CDs, audio books from the library with me holding up the pictures from the books, balloons (providing they don't throw them at the driver) and lots of finger foods in the car eski.

When out of the car we played ball and ran around with her so much so that she was exhausted (and so was I) but least that meant she'd go to sleep for a few hours....
Anyway hope this helps.

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