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Angry and Frustrated Lock Rss

Does anyone know who to call when I am feeling like this. I know I shouldn't take my anger and frustration out on my toddler, but being a single stay at home mum things can get really tough.

I know we are supposed to 'ignore bad behaviour' but to me this just means that they learn to get away with it.

This is a really hard thing to admit, yes, I smack my child, (and would really like to learn techiques that don't revolve around smaking - breaking the cycle) and yes sometimes when I am angry. I want to - need to find somewhere to get help. Any suggestions - on how to discpline a 2 yrs, anger management and how do other parents cope in this situation
Hi it must be hard to be a single mum so i can understand your frustration at times.
Have you tried the naughty corner with your little one instead of smacking. When my little is being naughty i give him a warning first to stop and tell him if he doesnt he will go in the corner and most times it works i find it better than smacking, maybe give that a try or something simalar.

Goodluck with it all

Michael, Vic, Born 11-12-03

Well you are not alone and I have to admit that I have also smacked my daughter but only after she has had a warning to stop then I count to 3 then get a smack if she keeps doing it, i dont anymore as i have learnt other ways to deal with her, but latly she has a real attitude with answering back and winging all the time so now if she winges or is naughty I send her to her room and shut the door and after only about 2 days of time out she is heaps better with the attitude and if she winges she will stop when I say "If you keep winging I will put you in your room" so we are getting there.

All I can really say is try to stay calm (I know its hard sometimes) and if it gets too much put your toddler in his/her bedroom and shut the door until you have both had a chance to cool off but make sure they know why they are in their room and when they come tell them again why they are in there and ask for an apology then dont mention it again. (I've been watching the supernanny) but the naughty spot didnt work for me cos she kept running away...

Good luck with the terrible twos....

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

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