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Nappy that fits Lock Rss

Hi there,

I have a 13kg little girl and at present we are using the Huggies nappies (with expandable waist lines) however I'm finding even the 10-15kg don't fit around her hips too well and the nappy keeps coming off. I've tried just about every other brand however found other problems like leaking and rashes.

Has anyone else got this problem?
I pull the waist grip tabs down as far as I can however seems just too small and I'm hesitating going to the next size up.
Hi mummatutu,

Huggies Nappies are designed to fit your baby for maximum comfort and protection against leakage.

The baby weights featured on Huggies Nappies packs are there as a guide to help parents select the most suitable product for baby, however as each baby is different you may need to try different sizes. The next size up from the Huggies product you are already using is "XL Toddler" which is designed for baby 13-18kg and should provide a better fit. I'd suggest you give this larger size a try.

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With my two boys I have had the same problem as they are both big boys. I found the trick was to go up to the next size when they are a couple of kilos less then what the next weight is, this way they are a better fit.


Tracy NSW, 2 boys, 4 and 2

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