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Attitude!! Rss

I have a 4 yr old daughter and am just wondering if anyone can offer some advice?
Lately, she has been so cheeky and reeeeaaallly pushing my buttons. If i ask her to do something she will either not do it, or tell me she will do it later. If i try to explain something to her, she says "i know that" or (what i find worse) roll her eyes at me! It's like she has 4 years of life experience so she must be right and mum (and dad) are just soooo stupid. I remember thinking that about my parents, but that was when i was a teenager!
I know her behaviour probably has something to do with our new addition, but luckily she's not taking it out on the bubba, just my frazzled, sleep deprived nerves!!
Other than that she is a really good, kind and smart kid.
Any suggestions would be lovely


Emily, NSW, Kaziah 28-8-01 and Jorja 3-8-05

i understand my 3 year old son says the same things to me. I teach girls and boys aged 2 and a half up and i have found girls to be the worst at attitude. see if you can get her into a dance class or an acting class it will give her a chance to have fun and put her attitude into something where she can get heaps of attention as it usually is an attention thing espacially when there is a new addition to the family.
hi emily,

i have a 4 year old daughter and im so hearing you, she is so damn cheeky too she does the whole rolling the eyes thing and her new one is telling me (your ruening my life) and she always back chats and doesnt like being told to do things.
im starting to think she will never get passed it grrrrrr, i have no advice for you except PATINCE


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