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Ear infection Rss

I've just been reading horror stories about ear infections that won't go away. My 12 month old daughter is on antibiotics for her first ever ear infection which came on after a cold. I was confident that it was a one-off and that the antibiotics would work but after hearing other people's stories I'm freaking out. I'm particularly sensitive to this because my brother is completely deaf in one ear as a result of childhood ear infections. Can someone please reassure me that the antibiotics will work and it will get better? I need to hear some positive stories.
Hi Isabella's Mummy

My daughter who is 15 months has had 3 middle ear infections this winter. Each time we've had the antibiotics and it has cleared up in a few days. I was told by our GP that it takes about 6 weeks to totally clear. As Kaitlyn had a few (not sure how they get it) middle ear infections, our GP sent us to get her ears tested and everything was 100%. It was just a reassurance. Not sure where you live but maybe speak to your GP about it and see if there is an audiology clinic close by.

Kaitlyn's last infection was over 3 months ago and she seemed to get them when every other child she came into contact with was sick. I think this winter was a bad one though. Touch wood, we haven't had an illness since then.

Take care

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