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Hi my 15mth old son is very smart but there are times where he wont listen to me at all! he pees me off alot INTENTIONALLY! especially when it comes to changing his nappy, when i ask him to come to me to change his nappy, he'll just stand there repeating over and over "nuh!, nuh!, nuh!" & the lil' poop always pushes my buttons as well and pushes me to the limit and when he does he laughs and runs away... cheeky lil' bugga!
Anyways there has been times also where he'll be watching me while he eats and he knows that he shouldn't throw his food directly on the floor, but he does it anyway and it drives me bonkers LOL! I swear i have a lil' menace on my hands, but despite all that he can be good when he wants to, but to me i think he'd rather be a menace - prolly more fun? So thats part of it, the other part is that he has a really short attention span and I find it hard to teach him just simple things like his ABCs and 123s, he'll get bored i guess and start screaming so that I'll shut up and let him do his own thing. He usually crys now and again for nothing everytime im not watching him until he finally goes to sleep... all this goes on from the moment he wakes up at 7.30am til 10.30pm. Its pretty stressful at times but he just wont take instructions directly, his behaviour is soooo cheeky, im just wondering what he'll be like when hes 2... I hope it gets better and not worse for both our sakes. If anyone has/had this prob with their sons... plz gimme any tips or anything to help me and my lil' boy.
Thanx in advance... Aaliyana =0)

Kalvin 17.6.2004 & Chelsey 7.3.2008

it is the age i have 2 boys and they were pains at that age and my oldest one is just starting to get better now and he is nearlry 3 and a half. being only 15 months old i wouldn't worry to much with the abc's just yet go with numbers my 3 year old doesn't know his abc's yet and he is also very smart in he only has to see you do something once and he can prietty much do it for him self after that. i suggest puttting him in something like a playgroup if there is one near you it is time where you and him can play together in a different situation also i found swimming lessons are fantastic for that age both my boys love them and get so excited when i get their swimmers out.
this might sound silly for a boy but when he gets older see if you can find a dance or acting class for him i teach little boys and girls to dance in adelaide and we start with the basics like coordination and nursery rhymes and then go from there the kids love it and it gives the parents a chance to have a coffee and a chat in another room or go and have some much needed quite shopping time while they are in lesson.

I have a 2 year old and he isn't much better at 2. He likes to do his own thing most of the time, but on the odd occassion he will bring a book to me to read to him, he will sit through the whole book from front to back. He will also sit and use his shape sorter etc. But today he didn't want to know about any of that. I recently bought some crayons for him to scribble with, but he wasn't interested in them at all. He just wanted to run off with them, so I stopped that quick smart, I didn't want any writing on the walls. What i did instead was buy him a "magna doodle" which he loves, He will sit and scribble on that for ages. Sorry to go on a bit, but friends with older kids have told me that it is typical boys behaviour and there is nothing to worry about. He doesn't know his ABC's or 123 but I think he will learn when he wants to.

Your boy seems to be up quite late, does he have a late nap, or do you find it hard to settle him? At 2, my boy doesn't have a daytime nap anymore but he is in his cot (he's still in a cot) by 7pm and fast asleep by 7.30pm until 7-7.30am.

Let me know how you go.

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