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wetting thru in the morning Lock Rss

does anyone have any tips on keeping your toddler dry? No matter what I've tried my 14 month old son seems to be flooded most mornings when he wakes up. I've tried double nappies and those plastic things (pilchers?), there dosn't seem to be any rhyme or reason, 90% of the time he is saturated when he wakes up and then other times he's only a little bit wet, or dry(very rarely), regardless of what I do.I'd greatly appreciate any ideas
Hey Susanne,
My little lad (18 mth) is a big piddler, and I know exactly where you're coming from.
DS sleeps all night, and he's one of these kids that doesn't object to a wet hindie. He has his night bottle in his pj's, and then about 20 - 30 minutes after I change his nappy, and pop him in bed for a story ... all worked into a routine to minimise nappy change probs.
I found a huge difference in the brand of disposables I used as well. I found H*ggies the best for overnight (and have stuck with them ever since). I went up a nappy size for a better fit. Some little things that I found affected the leaking were also his singlet being accidently tucked into the back of the nappy, and occassionally his 'little fella' would be poking off at different angles instead of downwards.
I hear that you can also get liners for disposables as well ... but have never used them.

Anyway, not sure if any of this will be of use to you? But, I hope it might spark something new to try.

Cheers, Sue.

Sue, DS b. Mar 2004

i've yet to put this theory to the test but apparently babies don't actually wee very much while they're asleep so with this in mind maybe you could try waking him up shortly before he usually wakes in the morning and putting him in a fresh nappy straight away?
just a thought....

mel, ella jasmine 13/06/04 & benjamin tyler 6/8/06

Our little fella was in the same boat until we started limiting fluids in the evening. He has a big drink of water with dinner and then nothing else before bed ( except for the small amount of swallowed bath water!). He now only occassionally floods his nappy. We give him his milk first thing in the morning and in the early afternoon. No night bottle.

Narelle, Melbourne, 4 yr old and 18mth old boys

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