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Getting scared... Lock Rss

My 13 month old is starting to become very worried and scared over certain things. Nothing has ever bothered her in the past and she never get in trouble for ANYTHING! but recently she has began to freak out if the bath plug is pulled out, if she breaks something or if she does a wee on the floor. Even if she turns the tv off. Yesturday she did a poo on the floor and screamed and cried about it for so long, I had to talk her walking outside to try and forget it. Is this a concern??? Can kids this young suffer anxiety??

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

Hi Sara,
When our DS was about the same age he all of a sudden became absolutely pertified of the vacuum cleaner. I hadn't had any issues beforehand, in fact he was an exceptional placid baby, and not much of a crier. I just kept up the normal vacuum routine, and chatted to him while I did the chores... I guess trying to show him that mummy/ daddy were okay with this loud 'sucky' monster and our reactions were different to his.. Whether that helped or not, I've no idea but he now 'helps' with the vacuuming and his reaction didn't really last that long.
However, we do still have an issue with the noise of unravelling packing tape!! At least that's not an everyday sound though.

An old lady I once met said something that has always stuck with me .. while DS was playing one day she said 'It must be like travelling to a foreign land', ie. all the strange things and learning the lingo etc. I guess it made me more aware at looking at things from his perspective.

Perhaps it's just our children becoming more aware of how much they can 'control' their environment? Perhaps with the whoopsie on the floor, your little girl was trying to tell you she was wheelie wheelie sorry ?!

Sometimes it's so hard to decipher their reactions isn't it? But it can be fun learning!

Keep smiling smile

Sue, DS b. Mar 2004

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