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Smelly feet and painful teeth!! Lock Rss

Is it normal for a 10 month old to have smelly feet. He has a bath everyday but feet get smelly! He is also having the worst pain with his two front teeth trying to get through!!! He cries during dinner etc but is stil hungry. Is this normal???????


From time to time we too have experienced stinky sweaty toddler toes. Lord help us when he's 16!! Usually only happens if he's been running around a lot in his sneakers (nylon socks dont help). Often they are more sweaty than stinky. Maybe if it bothers you you could put a little cornflour on his toes. Never fear for soon it shall be summer and there will be open shoes and bare feet with better ventilation!

We use paracetamol whenever the teeth pain hits.


Narelle, Melbourne, 4 yr old and 18mth old boys

Not too sure about the smelly feet but some materials shoes are made from are more breathable than others.
The best thing that I have found for teething ( my little one started at 4 months and fully teethed by 13 months including 2 yo molars) is"Hylands Teething Relief" Homeopathic tablets. Kids can chew them or dissolve in the mouth and you can still use Panadol / Nurofen with it if needed with no "over dosing". About $10 at chemists for 125 tabs. Everyone I know who has used this has had nothing but praise for it.
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