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Tips on keeping a clean tidy house! Lock Rss

Hi guys. I am honestly sruggling to keep our house clean and tidy. To me its importanat esp with a tot plus another baby on the way. I'm trying my best to tidy up the house esp when hubby wants the place tidy if u know what I mean and have tea on the table..... So everyone tips please! Esp with no storge....

Emma 31/7/03, Daniel 11/1/06

I have also been struggling with keeping up with everything and found that if I clean one room a day during the week (Mon-nursery, Tues-Bedroom, etc) while Emily has her nap and spend an hour or so after she goes to bed doing the everyday stuff (put on washing, dishes, etc) it makes it much easier. Emily spends time with her grandparents on Sunday afternoon, so I use some of that time to do big jobs like mopping, vacuuming and spring cleaning. My solution for no storage was to be really tough and throw out things that had not been used in the last 12 months and were not likely to be used in the next 6. Everything that could, then went into space bags and I still have some clutter in the big wardrobe (linen and stuff) but just need to buy shelves to put in there and it will be done. I looked up the Flylady website after someone recommended it on these forums and found some of that information useful.

Charlotte mum to Emily 27-08-03 & Lily 21-09-06

Hi, Its pretty much what everyone else has said but i think it's true, when bubs is sleeping potter around and do the quiet things like dusting,hanging out the washing etc and then when tot wakes up either make a game of it or just when you hear him/her waking start your vacuuming while they are still in the cot that way they can watch or still see you but not get in the way and it is ALOT faster! As for the bathroom and toilet i do it when hubby comes home and they are having some daddy/daughter bonding time catching up on their day!
Hope this has helped a little bit.

jackie,qld,13mth baby girl.

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