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Ingrown toenail Lock Rss

Hi i have a 23mth old boy and he has an ingrown toenail i notice it tonight after his bath it must just have inflamed it isnt bothering him, i was just wondering has anyone had this problem and how do i get rid of it. I dont knowif i should try myself or take him to the doctors i touched it tonight and he didnt like it at all...i dont want it to get infected.

Any input would be great.

Thanks maryb

Michael, Vic, Born 11-12-03

hi there

i've had one myself & the doc gave me antibiotics to clear any infection... it then healed itself a few weeks later, but would have gotten worse without antibiotics.

oh, i just remembered, my son had one not so long ago, and he ended up with an ear infection (not related!!) and was given antibiotics for that & his ingrown toenail healed up during the treatment too...

Sounds like a trip to the Docs is the way to go. I read that ingrown toenails can sometimes be caused by cutting them too low at the sides of the nail. They recommend only cutting toenails straight across.

Good luck

Narelle, Melbourne, 4 yr old and 18mth old boys

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