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  5. Do u feel like or have been told your strugling being a mum?

Do u feel like or have been told your strugling being a mum? Lock Rss

Being a mum is the hardest but most wonderful thing in the world. I love being a mum and I admit I stuggle with my parenting esp being deaf. I have hearing aids but find it difficalt alot of the time to understand what Emma's saying. Mind u its also a blessing to take out your hearing aids and hear nothing! My hubby and 1 friend both think I'm strugling at being a mother and both wonder how I'm going to cope with number 2. I admit Emma is known to drive me up the wall with her terrable twos. I sometimes wonder if I'm a good mum when I know I'm doing my best. So honesly mothers or fathers do u think your strungling parenting wise? Why? How do u deal with it?!

Emma 31/7/03, Daniel 11/1/06

yep! i totally feel ya! I too sometiemns feel I am struggling. I have 2 kids 12 months apart, the youngest 7 weeks! Its a struggle just to get out of bed i am so tired, plus trying to do uni ( via correspondence) and keep up with the housework and playing with the boys. I too feel I am struggling, but unlike u everyone thinks I ma " supermum" but if they took a step back and saw how flustered and tired I was maybe theyd see i need help... sad

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Oh yes! About 6 weeks ago i was sleep training my twins, and boy was i having a hard time of it! I was getting hardly any sleep, and with a toddler and being preggo just wanted to cry all the time! I remember one night getting out of bed 8 times before 3am. they all sleep quite well and i'm doing ok again. I think all kids go through stages. There's always going to be days when you want to bash your head against the wall screaming, they're frustrating little people!
Being pregnant and having a little one is hard, i didn't realise how much it took out of me until i had them and got my energy back, you might actually find it easier after you have this one. And 2 year olds are reputed to be the hardest, so maybe you can look at it like it's only going to get easier.
Also, if hubby and friend are always telling you you're not coping it's going to erode your confidence and make you believe them, maybe you should tell them next time to stop talking about it and start pitching in and helping!

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

You don't sound like the sort of person who has ever used your hearing imparement as an excuse, so why should anyone else? I guarantee that every single person on this site loves being a parent, but sometimes finds it hard, just like you!!! It must be frustrating to have people think that you struggle with this- I'm sure if you have been deaf for a long time, or your whole life, that you have spent all that time learining to cope, and you probably cope much better than others!. I have a close friend who's husband is the only member of his family who hears- his mum, dad, and two sisters are all profoundly deaf. I can tell you that he is a wonderful person who, apart from being very protective of his family, is a normal, well adjusted and happy person. I bet your kids will be like him- with a special and unique understanding of the world, and a particular compassion for others. His speech and writing skills are also excellent.
I seriously doubt you are actually "struggling" to be a good mother. You seem fine to me!!! Keep up the good work! Motherhood can be a difficult and isolating experience for us all. Best wishes!!!

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

hi, i've only just come across this post and firstly i want ot say that its realy good taht we can all admit taht sometimes we dont feel like we're coping even though we all put up this front that looks good from the outside. i think sometimes it helps just to be able to say how hard you find it and know that other people are having the same trouble. there seems to be this taboo on saying how hard it is to raise kids and that, yes, sometimes we really dislike our children, but at the same time we love them to death. we're only human after all and things can get on top of you.

secondly, i'm tring to get pregnant with our second child at the moment but there are times when my 15mo is driving me mad and i think 'why do i want another one?' but then 2 mintues later she gives me a cuddle and i know that even though its hard at times its also the most worthwhile job i;ve ever had.

hope everyone who reads this topic feels better knowing there are others in the same position!
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