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help with bath time Lock Rss

I have two year old twins and up until recently have always bathed them in bath rings. We have done this for too long I think as now they seem very uncertain of sitting in the bath unaided. I used them for this long as it made it easier to bath one at a time if I was home alone. I never left them unattended but felt happier to be able to divert my attention for short periods to the other one. They will now not sit down in the tub, which makes hairwashing very difficult. Any suggestions on trying to get them to sit in the tub?

I am not sure if it will help but you can buy little plastic booster seats without the straps ect. that maybe they could sit in while they bath, perhaps something to sit on would help. Good Luck.
hi my two are 14mths old we had the lay down type of seats. but now they keep standing up we have just got one of those rubber bath mats in the bath so they dont slip and when we wash their hair we just tilt their heads back,(sometimes they scream).i remember years ago a aunty of mind had one of those rings that went on their heads so the water just runs off ,i cant find them in the shops, maybe someone else has seen them and can help..... thanks tracy
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