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Nappy rash worries!! Lock Rss

Hi Guys, thought i would start another topic on nappy rash!
My little girl only ever gets nappy rash when she is teething she has had it for over a month now as she is getting her molars, she got her first one last week and now we have started all over again and i just can't get rid of the nappy rash i use sudocrem as it is the best and the rash started to go away now it is more on her thigh like it is chaffing, if i leave her with no nappy on she scratches and it bleeds i don't know what to do or if this is even normal does anyone have any suggetions?

jackie,qld,13mth baby girl.

i've been going thru exactly the same thing with my poor dd 12 months. i've tried every cream on the market without success. i showed her nappy rash to the pharmacist and he gave me Dakozin (i think thats it). told me to use it for at least 14 days at every nappy change. it's been about 6 days now and its slowly getting better. she still tries to scratch it red raw at any chance. i've also stopped using all baby bath products, just now using water and sorbolene........hope this helps.

gabrielle 35, QLD, claudia 23-10-04

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