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No fear whatsoever Lock Rss

My son who was just the quietest most good boy I've ever come across, is really testing his limits at the moment. The last two weeks he has had this need for heights and climbing. Last week he was in the kitchen playing with the fridge magnets, I left for two minutes and when I came back he was jumping up and down on the kitchen bench. He has never done this before, I grabbed him and I was shaken for the whole day because I imagine what might have happened if I got to him a second later. He climbed up on his highchair, which we now hide in the room and get out only for dinner.

He also climbs on the arm rests of the couch and stands up, but we can't remove the couch. He also climbs on his bed head and side tables, and tries to jump on his single bed, and also climbed on top of his tallboy by stepping on the draw handles, so now i have to close his bedroom door.

My husband build a fence around the dog kennel outside because my son used to try and go inside the kennel. It was 1 metre tall with no horizontal posts on the outside, he now climbs over that too. He also gets up on my exercise bike and tries to stand on the seat.

That's not all. He is not scared of the dark whatsoever. One night when he wouldn't go to sleep, we all went to bed together and pretended to sleep. My son climbed out of bed because he thought we were sleeping, and went to his playroom on the other side of the house in the pitch darkness and started to play with his toys.

Last night he left the loungeroom where we were sitting, and when we went to look for him, couldn't find him anywhere. Then we finally found him in the en suite in the darkness, but he had closed all the doors behind him (to get to our ensuite we have to go through our bedroom, through the WIR door and then ensuite). He also goes in the wardrobes and hides behind the clothes in the dark.

I've written too much, but I find he is always doing dangerous things at the moment. He doesn't listen to "no", and even my MIL is at her wits end lately because when she looks after him, he climbs into her pot plants and on her TV cabinet, and has an open study so he is on the desk too.

Is he a monkey? No, but seriously, are your kids doing these dangerous things at the moment??

Vaccines: Question what you're told...

Hi Firefoxy,
At this age, myson was exactly the same! Running,climbing and jumping all over things. But now he turned 3 the other day and he has stopped doing it, and also fears things like heights and the dark. So,sorry not the best advice, hopefully he will grow out of it soon!
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