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Febrile convulsions.... Lock Rss

Hi all
Just would like to know if anyones baby has had 1 of these. It is too do with high temperature and fever. My son got rushed to hospital last night after suffering from one. He woke up yesterday morning with a cold, runny nose, coughing i just thought common cold so i was giving him dimeatapp and panadol.. Last night when i looked at him he was just sitting still not moving as i went close to him his eyes were as if he was lookin up i tried callin him but nothing, i started to panic and picked him up but he was so flimsy and was breathing very faint. His dad took him and started hittting his back coz it sounded like he couldnt breathe (snotty nose)
after 20 seconds he come back to himself and we rushed him to hospital. Gave him some more panadol and he could come back home 6 hours later. His temp came down. He temp has been ok today just checking it every hour (too scared). The doctors told me this a common thing in babies and there is a chance Jye could have another one when he gets high temp or fever. Sorry for raving on so much.. I have never been so scared in my life.. Anyone else had this happen to there baby..
Thanx Shell


My daughter had her first one at about ten months, they are unbelievably scary and even when you know what to do, it doesn't get any less frightening. All up Emily has had about 10 but they are getting 'better' to the point where she doesn't lose conciousness just uncontrollable shaking and then big vomit (usually on daddy:)) although the shaking lasts a good 10 minutes now. If they become too frequent or are not temp related the doctor may reccommend an EEG which Emily had recently but we have to wait 9 months for the results. Did the hospital give you the spiel about keeping panadol up and recovery position and all that?

Charlotte mum to Emily 27-08-03 & Lily 21-09-06

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