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Clinginess Lock Rss

My 12 month old son who used to be very social and would go to anyone now screams if I am not holding him. He will occasionally go to his dad but only if I am out of the room and he has no problem with going to child care 2 days a week. I spend heaps of time with him playing, reading etc but also encourage independant play. He has become very clingy and won't even let his grandparents hold him. I can't even make a cup of tea without him crying to be picked up. Is it his age or could there be something else bothering him??

Janelle Vic

I know what you mean my son is 16 months and very much the same with his dad if his dad cames home from work Jack will not let him go any where with out him. He crys and throws tantrums as soon as he go's. My husband plays on it to. I think it just a different part of growing up. Enjoy it to a certain degree because soon they probably push us away.

Tracy, NSW,12mth & expecting

Thankyou for your reply Tracy. My son must have been going through a phase as he is now once again playing happily on his own. I have to admit I'm a bit sad I'm not getting as many cuddles now!!

Janelle Vic

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