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Swimming Lessons... Lock Rss

Would love to know others experiences with swimming lessons! What age you child started, how they went and what age they actually started swimming by themselves... Maya has just started an aqua fun class which is for water confidence (and to get mummy out of the house!!). We have also been swimming in her nanny and poppy's pool every day and she is becoming very confident...
Also wanted to know if others have used swimming suits that have the floats inside. I bought one the other day, like a rashy with a blow-up ring attached around the belly but my mum said these werent any good as the ring just rides up so I took it back, comments and brands and where you bought it would be great!

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

my son started swimming lessons when he was 1 and half only because of medical reasons. ( colostomy bag not a good thing when it leaks.) he loves to swim and would b in the water everyday if he could. he has swum by him self yet but is slowly getting there. ran into the surf the other day and kick and paddle himself to shore cos he knew what to do if he went out too far.

havent used ne helping aids as he does lkike being restrained in any form or fashion

Hi there<

I was lucky enough to go and listen to Laurie Lawrence thru Huggies.

He said that a good swimming school should NOT use and sort of aides in the water.

There should be no more than about 5 - 6 kids in the class.

I suppose he should know, so I would say ask around your area. I'm lucky our uni has these classes that he recommends!!

Good luck


Hi we started swimming lessons at 18mths I would have liked to have done it earlier but anyway thats how it happened. He can't exactly swim yet but can run and jump off the end of the mats that they have and paddle about two meters. He can dive down to the bottom of the pool and pick up things and get in the pool unaided and hold on to the side, He is 2 1/2 sorry I probably should have mentioned that. Prior to starting lessions he had never been in a pool and his lesson once a week is the only time he gets in one. They don't use and floaties just a normal swinsuit so I can't help with that one but all in all swimming lessons have been awesome.
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