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i cant believe this jorjah has just woken up with a croupy type cough... i cant believe it, she has had croup about 5 times and i cant believe it might be here again... what is going on? i keep our house so clean as we all have asthma and she hasnt been around ny sick kids so im freaking out as to how she just wakes up with it... please any comments

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

you poor things! my dd1 has had croup only once and THAT was bad enough. You probably know more about it than I do. We put a vapouriser in her room and she was on steroid tablets for a few days to toughen her lungs, we called an ambulance one night when we feared for her breathing but she was fine. In all honesty I have to say she didn't suffer too badly compared to some. If you guys have asthma as well that must make it worse, you probably already have, but if not, sounds like you need a good gp to help manage it and give you strategies for dealing/coping when it happens.
Sorry, no help here but I'm thinking of you!

Dizie, 2 girls, 2002 & 2003

Oliver had his first croup attack the other evening. Wow scarry stuff.

I just thought that sounds like CROUP, so in the middle of the night I got up and read my Natural Remedies book and they said to apply vicks.

Well as soon as I opend the tub his breath was back. But the throaty cough was persistant all night, and seemingly better in the morning.

The book also mentioned about other remidies and under one of these were flower drops to be placed under the tounge if the croup attack was Anxiety or Fear related.

No dought about Olivers being fear because it was this night which was the first time he climbed out of his cot with a bump onto the wooden floor boards.

Makes sense because it is a throaty sounding cough/whease. Like when you get frightened and it takes your breath away.

I don't have astma but all I could think about was "Nothing else matters when you can't breath".

Keep smiling. smile

Maryanne & Oliver 27/04/2004

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